Main Disc. Thread - The Executive


Yup, self confidance, the feeling of I can do it.


I lost about 10 lbs over two weeks without even trying!

(No joke)


I heard a loop first thing in the morning.

I didn’t really feel anything at all.


I’m running it currently although I don’t have a whole lot to do today I will be nice to be motivated and ready to go


Yes, I can do it ! Things are easy …

Just finished a meeting online, I was feeling in the zone, things were simple and natural. Probably it can be paired with Sanguine


Same here. About halfway through. I’m sure something’s gonne happen at some point, even if I don’t notice it.


@DarkPhilosopher That’s because you’re special


Well, at least you’re not putting it between quotes. That’s something, I suppose.


I am just in one loop of Executive and I began what I usually did when I started Ultima Test A:
I do stuff I have been procrastinating, like cleaning my flat while being very focused on the work at hand.

Then I get a flash back from a movie and focused on finding a gif like this one:



@DarkPhilosopher I figured it was obvious


Listened to one loop yesterday morning while making the kids breakfast. Found myself anxious and pacing around the house which is very unusual for me in the morning. Once the kids were settled I went outside and stained my back deck which is a huge all day long job that I’d been procrastinating for a few years. Then started decluttering some closets…also something I’d been procrastinating. Today i will do another loop and attack the garage. If I can get that thing cleaned then I’m a believer. Looks like an episode of Hoarders in there.


@Matt I’d like to experience this one:

You really should have quit while you were ahead and I was still amused, but ya had to get the last word in. Too bad. :slight_smile:

Well, Executive has come and gone, BLU is now playing.


Listening to Executive Ultima while working on the computer and finding it a help for focus.


I decided this morning that for now I am only going to Run Executive. Most days I have stuff to as everyone does but often it’s things I don’t want to do or I lack any motivation. With The Executive I want to build good habits


It seems perfect for running at work if the situation allows. I am able to listen through some decent quality in ear monitors so that works well.


First day of Executive did nothing for me.


What were you trying to accomplish?


You must be mistaken, you started listening to Executive three days ago and disappeared on us. Where have you been all this time?! What happened?



I’m not sure what other subs your running but for one day try only listening to executive for 1 loop or 2 and nothing else. If your running others it could be diluting the results of executive. Try running it solo for a day with nothing else to see if you notice anything


…said no person anywhere ever.