Main Disc. Thread - The Executive


It’s been a few hours since I began the first and only loop for the day.
OUCH my forehead. At least the headache means it’s processing the script.
Although I’m starting to feel motivated to complete my list, just finished a long book I’ve procrastinated reading since last November. 727 pages complete.
Will share more info as the week goes on. Looking good at the moment and with spare energy for the day. Maybe I’ll take an aspirin.


My feeling now having run Executive multiple times while working is that it has an immediate effect on focus. I think this can be a great tool to use while engaged in the activity one desire’s to be productive in.


Go for it!
Meanwhile I’ll start with my list of today, Executive for the win!


Definitely going to focus on running The Executive more than anything for the time being


the ‘scientific’ consensus is if your not banking $72,000 (USD or equivalent) a year at least, your missing out on quite a bit of happiness—over that it’s a different game.


one Loop and I love it. I used this first thing in the morning and I just felt so good. Standing tall, less escapism.


I noticed that too when I ran it right away this morning. It’s almost the perfect sub for someone who is hyper and has ADHD such as myself. Allows me to stay on task more


I know it wasn’t specifically but I can’t help but feel that The Executive was meant to be run with a program such as EOG.


And you feel Executive contributed to that weight loss?


Two questions:

#1 Is it fiction or fact that The Executive has scripting for the 12 Executive Functions depicted in the photo below?

#2 Is the Executive exactly the same script as Ultima A (test)? Or did you make some script improvements/changes?


What he said. :stuck_out_tongue:


Executive was the missing link in my life…

I have the mindset but sometimes my actions don’t match them.

Hence why when it comes to goals, I am my enemy.

So far I’m impressed - not much to do yet but starting tomorrow I will.

I noticed a dramatic change when it comes to work - I’d hit a road block then go out and do something then come back to it. Yesterday wasn’t the case, I persisted, did everything possible to get through…

I’m proud of myself.

I can’t wait to see my results a week from now.


I notice Executive is louder. much louder other older subs @DarkPhilosopher


Sorry, what was that? :slight_smile:

Yup, noticed it as well. And I thought the kinks had been worked out.

Since Ultima requires manual building, maybe it snuck in there. For the same reason, building a new one at the other volume level won’t happen right away. But it may happen before the official stack listening recommendations are released. :wink:


I haven’t run anything else today as of yet outside of the one loop of The Executive. I really want to start DDP Yoga that I had mentioned previously and I have had to put it off because things have come up and I have been procrastinating as well. I’m not looking to get jacked. Not at my age. I want to be flexible and feel good.




@DarkPhilosopher @SaintSovereign I’m curious if I run The Executive Ultima while I sleep am I asking for insomnia?


Hey I tried that, i am still crashing


I just heard back from Saint. He tells me we like the pioneering spirit over giving you the answer. So, please, be our guinea pig. And if you fall asleep halfway through typing a post tomorrow, we’ll know it is probably a bad idea.

So I guess the answer is that we really don’t know with 100% certainty. Logically it sounds like a bad idea. I’m willing to give it a go as well if you think that’s fun. Heck, I’ll put it on a loop. Maybe I’ll sleep-clean my house.


@DarkPhilosopher Ok. Will do