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If i listen to executive first thing in the morning and i play my custom sub a couple of hours later can anyone tell me if that is ok or will my custom over right the effects of what executive is doing so its best to play my custom at night?


You will be absolutely fine, that’s pretty much how it is supposed to be used.


I am curious in the irony of running Executive and then wanting to listen to some grindcore


I would be very interested to know as well


Well, I haven’t lost weight since strating executive hahaha


did you make that whole graphic presenation ?


Yes, its a mind map. it helped me increase my workflow from 3 to 9 hours yesterday. I figured it’ll help you too. Its pretty basic but following it did make me more productive from day before yesterday so thats why


Im going to add this to My ascended Mogul Stack!! Lets see how it goes :smile: :smiley:


It’s pretty cool! what software do you use?

btw. by wrong assumptions:
you assumed that i was sitting home all day not taking action. I was at work (family business)all day lol


Alright fellas, heres what happened:

Finished most of my list today, mostly some stuff that takes it due time. So after a week of slacking off Executive brought me the willpower to do so. It’s 100% radical.

First loop finished at 8:40 a.m, I was tired but gave me energy shortly after.
Finished a long-ass book, did again workout (I’m trying to make it a habit, so Executive will certainly help) then a cold shower and some other stuff related to taking care of my skin. This usually takes me hella willpower to do some exercises, then taking a cold shower.
Executive makes this feel natural.

May not be much, but this stuff is intense! Just one more goal related to my current stack and I’m done for the day.

Took more time than it should but there’s a awesome sensation that the Ultima gives. A intense desire to do stuff, whatever it doesn’t matter. Just to do something.
Like if my mind’s saying “C’mon, keep it coming, what else needs to be done today?”

And keep in this in mind, this is day one. This is wild!
Big thanks to @SaintSovereign and @Fire. No more slacking off.


Mindz pro. Its a paid app on android but you can always get those for free, like I did :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Your OG post doesn’t have any context about you not getting the opportunity to use it so I did what I can to help my fellow comrade.


What changed from when it was ultima a experimental?


Thanks comrade appreciate it. Keep on rocking!


Well, as promised I set it to loop while I slept. And I did sleep. When I woke up about 6 hours later I felt this pressure on my chest and was taking short breaths. I felt exhausted and just wanted to stay in bed doing nothing. From the moment I started listening there was a bit of tinnitus, which passed shortly after I stopped listening.

I’m up now, still yawning a lot and not feeling particularly active, but there is a tiny part of me in the back of my head that wants me to get stuff done.

I guess we’ll see what happens today. Either way, I wouldn’t recommend the experience so far. Tonight I’m back on Dreams.


I’d like to know this too - if anything changed at all.


Ran a loop last night. Instantly took a cold shower and did a Wim Hof session. Ended up restarting an NLP course I purchased a long time ago that I never got around to. I also read like a hardcover book for the first time in half a year. I had no intentions of doing either of these before the loop. Deep down, these were things I had put off and knew I had to do even I wasn’t always consciously thinking of them. I used to read and do a ton of different self-improvement things before the lockdowns hit. No excuses, but whatever reason I had fallen off the wagon with a lot of practices once the virus we shall not name became a thing.

Executive felt like I was drinking an energy drink or super small dose of adderall or a microdose of a psych. Ok, not really the same feeling but it had the same effect.


@DarkPhilosopher I was like you this morning. I did not want to get up. I was sleeping so good. I think for right now I am going to stick with just Executive and only one or two loops of that a day. It feels like adding anything else at this point is asking for overwhelm and being tired instead of wanting to get shit done. With one or two loops I am beyond motivated that I feel that I am being lazy and should be more productive


@JCast I do believe Executive has polymorphic properties. I am running The Commander right now, will loop The Executive a bit after and see what happens. It’s nice that The Commander already includes an executive function boost.


@SubliminalUser I was thinking the same thing when I read the description. The ability to make better decisions can only help. Makes me curious if any aspect of that is in Executive


Laughed a bit this morning tho, today I was planning to run The Commander, so unaware of it I pushed play.
An hour later, turns out I ran The Executive again!

Gotta find me some stuff to do today.