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I actually did want to get up but the rest of me didn’t want to.


I listened to Executive yesterday and got some stuff done, but nothing compared to today. Today I tidied and cleaned my office, organized all the baby stuff (so much of it!!) and also fixed a couple of things around the house too. I also organized all the files on my desktop and cleaned up my Google Drive, set up some Amazon autoships, and scheduled a grocery delivery. I’m still “out of the office” so my EA is handling all of my emails, otherwise I probably would have emptied my inbox too. lol

I’m off work for a few more days, so I haven’t really got a whole lot to actually do that actually needs to get done today. Just keeping up with housework and the endless piles of laundry that we now seem to have. :hushed:


I haven’t run anything yet today but I did get a few things done and out of the way. I’m going to run Executive twice at least later because tomorrow is a busy day for me with lots to do


Be careful tho, I know subs hit everyone differently but I played 2 loops(3 hour break in between) and was met with strong headaches and restlessness and the “something aint right” feeling


@Rapsta I’m always restless and more than a bit hyper. Though that might explain the nasty headache I got Sunday


I’ve noticed it also improves overall attitude & confidence. This Ultima is great.
Straightforward, no bs, “what needs to be done?” attitude. Maybe even dominant too.
If it needs to be done, you’ll finish in no time. This is truly something else.

Today I did more than the last two weeks combined. I’m pretty grateful to have something to push me.
Might even enroll in a online art academy, holy hell.
Thanks to the Executive now I found something that can push me even forward in my goals and my progress with my stack.


The Executive seems to be getting glowing responses thus far, nice!


Leaving this as a testimonial for The Executive. Let no one say that we don’t have those or that our “journals are a joke” lol:


The only thing I’ve noticed from the one loop I’ve run is a serious three day long case of reconciliation. I don’t know what, but it said something that my subconscious did not like.


Currently running Executive with a better pair of headphones. May give it a run later with the bone conduction headphones I have. That should be interesting because I feel like I got the best and fastest results with BLU using them .


Well done, @JCast. I think you have finally found what works for you. Your writing has changed a lot over the past few weeks… and I can see that you are no longer feeling as stuck as before.


I have this here, I was watching a tv serie, and I found it so boring, I started watching videos about organization :joy:


Today I didn’t ran the Executive.

I’m craving it actually :joy:


Same. Didn’t run it, didn’t get my workout done like I should have. Had a pretty lazy day to be honest and should have done it to get things done. Craving it for sure!


Holy shit, you just described my Wednesday! Executive IS something else.


It truly is, it made me workout for the first time in months properly on Monday when I’ decided to use it, and that was after two intense dance classes, and other stuff. Same for yesterday. I did so much.

Today? Not so much.

More info in my journal, but Executive definitely feels different to me than Ultima A did, not sure if anything changed but this one works pretty much day one, Ultima A took a couple days for me to see results.


Executive is something else…

“You can freely pair The Executive with any major subliminal — after all, ambition and action is needed in any goal you pursue, be it relationships, wealth, spirituality, arts…”

I was experiencing reconciliation mainly because I didn’t want to bring up a problem I’m facing with my relationship.

Just after bringing it up, the problem got solved and i became good like nothing happened.

Now I just want to meditate, which I’ll do so in a few min


This Utlima is working so well.

Its been 3 days I have this laser focus efficiency working on my business. I did in 3 days what should be done in 7-10 days. Not because I am working more, but because I am working faster, better, enjoying it, with much more focus than before.

Before I would just find a way to work then go on facebook, instagram or working while calling some friends. Now it is like 4h of work a day is equal to 10h. And I like to do stuff, my flat has a never been so clean ever !

I normally have aa cleaning lady once a week, so I am usually lazy but now I am like “it need to be clean”. Same with food ! I Started cooking for the first time in 5 months ! Normally I order healthy food all the time.

Lets see at the end of the months if I would have an extra 5k or 7k ! It would be magical for a free sub.

I listen to it in the morning while at gym at 6.00 then working from 8.00 to 12.00. Then listen to PS:IT then Libertine Ultime V2. And Sex Mastery before sleep

I have this feeling of confidence too that I never had before, not a manly confidence, but a confidence that is more like “Everything will work well”

So good job for this sub !


Executive has potential to make a permanent change when exposed for a certain period or will always be temporal?


@SaintSovereign Will probably have a more thorough answer but I would think if it was run long enough it would be permanent. Especially given how powerful it it