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I also think the same, it can become permanent. This Ultima keeps surprising me.
In case it don’t, I’ll run it every single morning except holidays.


I think the only thing at this point that would be more powerful are name embedded versions


Name embedded Ultimas are coming this year/early next year. Patience everyone. :wink: I saw it mentioned.


I just imagine how powerful they would be. It would be iiiinsaaane!

First time I tryed name embedded I was really surprised to see the difference between name embedded and regular subs.

The difference with Ultima must be at least 5x stronger or something!


Oddly enough I am currently running Executive. I have felt incredibly lazy the last few days and I want to change that. I may not run anything other than Executive for a few days to see what I can accomplish. The only thing I may do later today is run a loop of GLM Ultima as my ass has been dragging and I need to get my shit together


I honestly think my only regret at this point is that I didn’t have Executive and Elixir when I was in my late teens or early twenties. The headaches and drama I could have easily avoided but was miles away from being mature enough to understand and implement.


@JCast i also wish the same its unbelievable that the new generation have such an advantage with tools like subliminals. compared to 30 years ago. In fact they do not realize how lucky they are. Having said that your young and strong enough to take advantage of the subs right now.


@blackadder I don’t always feel that young but I get it. I decided to run Regeneration after running two loops of Executive. I will probably run Elixir later rather than GLM. It makes more sense.


@blackadder I would take it as a sign of maturity that I feel absolutely horrible for all the dumb shit I said to women just to try to get them to like me. What was I thinking? I obviously wasn’t. Why did I place their often very temporary attention and affection as more of a priority than what needed to be and should have been done? I know for a fact that it’s why I just shake my head when I read about some young guy on here looking to attract women. I know from experience how that will end and not the way you want it to. Hopefully whomever they are , are more mature, honest, and have their collective shit together. I saw in my early teens the mistakes my biological and step parents made , what it cost my father and step mother more than anyone and it never clicked to get as far as fuck away from them as I could and make working however many jobs I had to have a priority


@JCast your not alone my friend been through some similar shit in terms of mother and father. I think the new generation are more intellectually aware of what has to be done to make things right. They have the tools at their disposable to make things better . Tools which our generation could only dream off !!.

Your not too old you old fart :slight_smile: Its better you discovered these subs in your 50s rather then your 70s. So you still have time to make things better.



Agreed! In my case it wasn’t ever dumb stuff I said to girls to get them to like me, more so the poor quality of girls I went after, and the inevitable train wrecks that followed. I wish I could go back and convince myself that girls that need to be “saved” are usually acting that way because they want the attention of being needy, and rarely change for the better no matter what you do.
Luckily through all that I met an amazing girl who doesn’t require constant validation, and I don’t have to walk on eggshells around her for fear that I’ll say the wrong thing. I only wish I’d met her sooner!

As for lessons from parents… my own mother keeps asking me where I learned my parenting skills, and so far I’ve avoided having to come right out and say I learned by seeing what not to do… lol.


May be time to have that conversation. There comes a point where even the ones that raise you must be put in their place.


@BLACKICE You mentioned " poor quality girls " I am so right there with you. It’s kind of funny and sad at times because when I really think about it I had so much more fun just doing my own thing and going places by myself. I have no idea what made me think I had to have a girlfriend or whatever and that hanging out at a shopping mall was a good idea. Especially for someone like myself who hates crowds or lots of noise of any kind generally. I would go to concerts and instead of being up front I was more in the back but I could still watch and listen. I probably would have been far happier going to a library when I wasn’t working


The other thing is at the time in the late 80s and early 90s there was so much great music coming out in terms of rock and metal. You had Slayer, Megadeth, and Pantera. Also much harder and faster stuff like Obituary. Napalm Death, Nihilist/Entombed , Bolt Thrower ,and Carcass. Alice in Chains put out Facelift


To each his own…

But I wanted to drop some contrarian stuff here. I have two sources here, that would advise anyone to just remain light with relatives and friends who you think you can enlighten and change.

The creator of Alpha 2.0 system, and some relationship manual I read.

  1. You trying to change someone is you banging on the cages of your cell.
  2. You’re fantasy of changing another person is only that, a fantasy.

As long as someone isn’t hurting another with their own fantasy, then there is no reason to burst a bubble. Of course there is the issue of close family members influencing the development of a child and this is probably the most important thing to think of.

The point is to reduce suffering, to put it bleakly/bluntly.


I’m not out to change anyone other than myself. I don’t need or want the headaches and drama. That said changing who you are for someone else is equally pointless


Lol it’s all good, she was mostly hinting that I’m a better father than my father was/is and wondered why… we’re just doing things differently than their generation did. She freaks out about everything, we’re more chill. They bought my sister and I whatever shiny beeping toys we wanted, and ALWAYS had/have the TV blaring. Meanwhile my wife and I are quiet, rational, minimalists and will be raising our daughter with those principles plus Montessori practices.


I like being in a relationship, my problem was for years I went after girls that “needed” me rather than someone who was confident and self-assured and enjoyed spending time with me without needing constant validation. Of course, I probably had some aspect of co-dependence back then too, otherwise I wouldn’t have been in those sorts of relationships.


I was more than other way. Thinking a girlfriend would complete me in some insane rom com mushy sort of way that makes me want to throw up when I think about it now. I was definitely more than a bit co dependent when I should have been “fuck it” . All that money I spent on women would have been far better off being spent on therapy.