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I’m a bit curious if that’s a side effect of running Regeneration and Elixir? If you don’t just heal whatever it is that’s been holding you back but become way more mature emotionally and morally?


What was it for you, that moment that made you realize women won’t complete you ?? Sometimes deep down in me I still have moments where this pops back up for me


@Grimm1390 The sad realization of the quality or lack thereof of the girls or women I was attracting or attracted to as well as the situation or places I was in at the time financially.I realize that sounds incredibly arrogant but life really is too short to fuck around with.The awareness that someone may have just as much or more baggage than you do and I was starting to ask myself routinely if it was worth the time, effort, or possible headaches? More often than not the answer was no. No matter how hot I may have thought someone was. The first time was when a girl hung up on me. I know it sounds silly now but something in me just went " ok that’s not helpful " or something similar. If I got hung up on I wouldn’t call that person back. I started to understand at some level that obviously there was a miscommunication between us but it’s whatever never mind.
Being hung up on is a gigantic waste of time and disrespectful. I hate having my time wasted. Now that I think about it that was the other part. Not wanting to waste my time


Its all good, I just wanted to be proactive, mainly to account for journaling. Too much of it leads to only light references to the main topic.


What I’m writing is a testimonial of sorts and not just for Executive. It gives credence to the power of the SubClub audios



@SaintSovereign great box art!

Have you considered making the box art photo be embedded in the audio track? Like this:


@SaintSovereign Jeebus Saint . Now I will have to get shit done or feel like a slacker


Another side effect of running The Executive , The Elixir, and Regeneration. I really could care less what other people are doing. Perfect example my Wife mentioned a couple of days ago that I should follow this actor on Instagram. I kept thinking how I don’t have an Instagram account and I don’t want one


You’re not missing out.


This forum is the closest I come to social media. lol. This and YouTube, but I’ve got chrome extensions to block all of the comments etc on there, so it’s just videos. Screw IG and FB… they’re useful for business purposes, but utter wastes of time otherwise.

If I wasn’t already avoiding social media, The Executive would definitely push me to do so. It’s still being very effective for me to increase my productivity, even on downtime (today is my last day off, back to work tomorrow).
I listened yesterday, and last night and today so far have been incredibly productive. Mostly home/family stuff, but I’m also watching through a video course replay that I’d missed 3 days ago, and am learning tons.


You don’t feel overwhelmed with three Ultimas in one day? Great news for me.


@SubliminalUser Not so far. It’s actually four Ultimas today . One Elixir and three Executive


@JCast Okay, I thought you had run three distinct ultima titles. For some reason Regeneration seems to be classified in my mind as such.


@SubliminalUser I actually feel calmer , more collected , and more focused today than I have in a while. I’m not really that hungry today either oddly enough. I have just done what I needed to do today and I’ve been hanging out with my Wife
Oh and I’m about half way through a book I have been wanting to read that I only started a few hours ago


With Executive I think there may be a bit of time distortion where you get shit done but don’t realize it until afterwards.


For whatever reason, I keep thinking that Regeneration is an Ultima too, lol.


It’s not just social media it’s a lot of things. It sort of reminds of the description of QL Stage three. That intense focus. Not getting distracted by texts or emails. You don’t really feel or notice if you’re missing out because you’re too busy doing your own thing


I’ve listened to Executive Ultima thrice now. The last time was yesterday whilst reading some from “Can’t Hurt Me” by David Goggins.

I haven’t got any of the drive or anything else anyone else has. Neither during nor after.

I know this stuff affects each person differently. So I’m not giving up. I think my main takeaway so far is that maybe I’m just far more fucked up at the core and need to run Rebirth Ultima and/or Regen and get some massive healing going on.


@realbillperry You may want to give Elixir a try