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I meant to include that in my post up above, but forgot lol. Thanks for reminding me.

I wonder if listening to all 3 (Rebirth Ultima, Regeneration, Elixir Ultima) would be too much if I spaced them out through the day.


Lose Rebirth if you’re running Elixir. Also make sure you’re using a pair of quality headphones. I think to an extent thats why I wasn’t initially getting the results I wanted


Maybe try Commander with Executive, it is a powerful combo


I don’t have Regen yet. It’ll be 2-3 weeks before I can get it.

Elixir by itself isn’t a healing sub, right? It supercharges Regen and/or Rebirth?

Given the nature of my work (I have to wear a voice-quality headset that cannot handle ultrasonic whatsoever), I can’t really do headphone listening of Ultimas whilst working. So my plan is to listen to Elixir or Rebirth when not working, and just listen to “regular” RebirthQ Masked on my headset.

I’ve found I can listen to Masked subs on the work headset whilst talking to customers. I just set it low enough I can hear them talking above it.

Anyway…Is Elixir alone capable of healing stuff?


The whole point of Elixir is to be run with Regeneration and to amplify healing. Read the sales page


Roger. I thought it could be run with Rebirth since Rebirth is part of what makes regen work. I’m getting regen soon, so I’ll see if it helps Executive work better. Having said all that, I can sense I’m steering the discussion away from Executive specifically. My apologies to all.

As I’m typing this, I realize I am feeling a bit more driven then when I first posted that above.
Repetition must be the key in my case. I’m working on getting Windows 10 installed on a computer I’ll be using to build up a hypnosis-themed business I’ve been putting off for far too long. Which I am thinking of as “The Future of Hypnosis.” Kinda bold, I guess lol.

Thanks for the clarification, @Jcast. Much appreciated. This is why I love this forum. We get what we need in terms of guidance and clarification. And SaintFIre get what they need in terms of customer feedback and testimonials they can use on the sales pages. Win/Win/Win. (The 3rd win is for potential customers)


There is rebirth in regeneration.


I’ve officially lost count of the number of loops I have done of Executive today


I definitely am eager to hear about it when you do this. To see how Executive before Jiu Jitsu would help with the “Can do” attitude for practices and sparring or whatever else is involved in JJ.


It’s a ways off as other things take priority.


We added some more scripting. I’m debating releasing “A” also, since it has less scripting. See how people respond to it.


@jcast great idea are you planning to take classes ?


Magnificent box art :ok_hand:t6:


Well i added 1 loop when i have the time of the Executive and OMG… by using Ascended Mogul as part of my stack, i did so much in one day…i really felt like a Top Executive Business Man.

In just 1 day recorded 10 youtube videos for my channel, made some professional intro, made professional end cards, analyzed and executed some positions in the stockmarket and wrote on my journal, reorganized evyerything on my main business and just couldnt talk by phone with service companies bcs it was weekends.

I just imagine the difference this would make when i add the House of medici to the MIX.

As always, super value to the costumers and it was not placebo.


Currently running a loop of Executive. Not sure what else if anything I will run the rest of the day. Executive has definitely helped me get a lot done without apprehension or frustration


On my third loop of the day of Executive. Got quite a few things done that I wasn’t expecting to and cleaned up a some stuff as well. I can for myself anyway see how Executive will help me become more of a minimalist and organized than I have ever been. I did this all while going without my ADHD med which I should be able to get tomorrow


Running yet another loop of Executive. I believe this is the fourth total. I am insane but I decided that tomorrow I am going to add The Beast Unleashed so I can get ultra motivated to work out and stick with it. Obviously I will work on the nutrition and diet aspects as well


Executive doesn’t do anything for me. I’ve only done three loads of laundry so far and gotten my morning PCA work done. I may have to do more loops. Jeez


sounds like Eddie Morra ultima


1st loop
After 5 min I startet to clean my living space
Motivation to doo something is coming
Laziness disapearing
Realization that I doo things for myself now, not for others
Nice Work Subliminalclub