Main Disc. Thread - The Executive




commander or Legacy + BLU
green pill+blue pill Bourne Legacy Ultima


you win…

:hail: azriel lol


I feel really good today although I didn’t sleep that great last night. Hopefully I will tonight. I will probably run Executive again later but I think right now I am going to run Regeneration and Elixir.


lmao not everyone can follow their own advice at all times.

It’s still good advice to clean your room and put your house in order.


@Joe It’s ironic that you just posted that . Last night I started reading a book about self awareness


I know, it is the same as discrediting a doctor if he gets cancer, how can you trust him to save someone else?


what book?


I try, lol
Eddie Morra comp. was great too.

I just want those pills-NZT or Bourne blue/green

Ultimas will have to do for now



Sure but at the end of the day if good advice is given to you it doesn’t really matter where it’s from.

If someone that smokes cigarettes tells you not to smoke cigarettes it’s still good advice.

Not everyone is completely perfect when it comes to following everything the right way.


SCREW the Bourne pills. Gimme the shot he got. Flu-like symptoms for a few hours and then permanent cognitive boost


smart call, forgot about that.

Part of me kind of likes the idea of going in and out with pills, so every time I experience the rush of the improvement lol.


need bourne supersoldier sub for subliminal club army of supersoldiers


@SaintSovereign mentioned something like this


not for an army of course


awesome day after doing a loop of executive this morning. probably not a good idea to run every day, and I still want to keep other subs like AM, and sanguine.
I think im gonna start doing executive plus one loop of standard AM every other day.

How are you guys integrating this new secret weapon into your consistent sub schedules?


its very poerful bro its best sub for taking action in my opinion


this sub doesnt make you take action
it makes you become action LOL
u become action robot
it changes your your default attitude to “DO IT DO IT DO IT” for anything that relates to the form of ACTION
it is actualy very simple sub


Ran executive today, terminated all my tasks.


I will probably not be using executive for now. When I take exogenous productivity stuff like coffee and ?, I attach too much enjoyment (dopamine) to stuff I (don’t/shouldn’t) want to be doing. When I did my 45 day caffeine free, I could feel I was in a low energy state, but I would look for something interesting to do, this is when I was actually most productive (Measured by amount of books read). This is how you train your brain to enjoy doing difficult things, and the end result is a well greased lubricated brain, with (infinite?), self determined, internal rewards. This is probably my biggest issue currently, I have nothing to think about when I am away from whatever I enjoy doing, I have to develop my internal perpetual machine (spiritualism/intellectualism). This is what religious people constantly think about when walking around, jesus…allah…etc. I just have to find something like that, this is true internal independence.

Right now I am planning on stuff to do but not actually executing it, so here I am, interested in seeing how everyone here changes over time with executive.