Main Disc. Thread - Ultima Stage 3


Oh well… you’ll discover a new revolution soon again


Y’all have fun now.

From the few journals I browsed about it seems like it activates the sacral area in some (lower back tingling) which would make sense if there was a sudden increase of emotion/emoting during interactions and, I suppose, whatever some of the other main focus points of the sub are about.


It’s strange, I see all those reports of surging energy an the likes, but to me this is the smoothest sub I’ve had so far. Not a single discomfort, I could probably listen to it all day.

Had a Viagra effect on me yesterday though, horny for hours. Obviously, didn’t get much done.


I haven’t used any Ultima sub before, so it might be a reaction to the Ultima core part? Did you feel any energy changes in previous runs of Ultima?

For me on day 1 and day 2 I felt buzzed/high energy, with the closest feeling I can relate with being on a micro-dose of acid. I’ve felt something like it also the first time I had a whiff of commercial pheromones from a spray bottle. Today on day 3 it feels less intense, and I could easily work through it if needed (compared to the previous days where listening to music / eating / watching tv was the right level of concentration :slight_smile: ).


Hah, see, I was right there with you and then an hour later, as I was eating brunch, the back left of my brain/scalp started tingling which spread to the right and then just about deep interior middle. It’s not as intense right now but between this and 1.A they activated different head sensations (1.A was very much so a front/top of scalp spread)

It’s only the first day for me, and I’m not 4 hrs out yet. The sensations for this are delayed in comparison to the prior.

I also feel a bit wired: everything sharp focus but I took all my vitamins this morning :joy: so who knows?


Also it won’t affect dating apps/visual cues: like if you replaced the first picture with one taken after using the sub and could judge an increase in the number/attractiveness-to-you of the matches? You have to be within a certain general area in person, right?

Because of covid I disabled most of my accounts but still keep one for browsing purposes.


Funny thing, I experienced something similar to the left of my crown for a bit. A tingling that is not an itch but made me feel like scratching. It passed.

When I went out later, I was walking around with a “take a good look, ladies, take it all in, here I am!” :slight_smile:


@SaintSovereign As someone not part of the test, I’m curious to know what the early test results are implying about the effectiveness of Stage 3 Ultima!


Hey Saint , so if this is a successful test run and to be released as an Ultima Product , will it be a stage 3 product apart of a major one lie khan ? Or will it be like current line of single ulitma products of sanguine and rebirth ?

The results so far from testers has my fingers twitching and eager to get this once its released


No, it’s a single stage Ultima product.