Main Disc. Thread - Ultima


I’m sure it’s the commander Ultima


I think it might be God like Masculinity ultima or Elixir ultima


Noo! My life cannot be a lie


Elixir Ultima is what I’m really waiting for!


I think Elixir ultima then rebirth ultima would be a great way to like end a day.


and Limit Destroyer Ultima!


That’s out already …


He was saying that to mine lol that the perfect end to the day would be limit destroyer, elixir, and rebirth all in ultima

With all these amazing ultima so far i could imagine a poker/gambling/luck/wealth ultima would be pretty interesting. An ultima having to do with LOA and achieving higher vibration would be pretty awesome even if only for a few hours.


Right, exactly :slight_smile:


Or to augment certain characteristic of a certain sub, look at stark for example, stark doesn’t have a lot of “domination” element, it will make you a chameleon, but combined with commander could make you more “intimidating” or help you switch to that “now is no time to talk about it for hours”.


lol! Exactly

This gave me the giggles…


Sometimes it’s great, I’m pretty sure Stark helped me a lot, especially for my master’s degree registration, I bypassed three weeks of administrative files by calling people left and right. My registration was done in a couple of days hahaha

Also I negociated my acceptance to the degree hahaha :wink: Which is good because I needed something from someone else, but sometime you need a more “assertive” “dominant” and “strong willed” attitude or vibe.


Well, yeah I agree but it really depends on your personality. I’m a natural chameleon already, I’m ready, Stark really enhances that but I kind of lack masculinity in some situations. That’s why I chose to go for Ascension even thought I like Stark so much. I’m going to run this as my foundation and then in the future I’ll combine Ascension with Stark.

If you’re naturally a very dominant and masculine person, I don’t really think you need any masculinity on Stark, anyhow it’s up to every person to decide for himself; personally I believe the combination of Stark & Ascension is awesome!


I’m the same as you, not naturally super assertive and strong headed. That’s why I ran godlike masculinity with my custom sub, but commander could be cool too :sunglasses:


I wouldn’t say I’m necessarily to feminine, if someone steps on my toes, they’ll certainly know it. But it takes a lot to get me there, I’m usually very friendly and I don’t really have that masculine touch where people see that I’m in charge, although I can get them to do anything through my magnetism; anyhow electricity is important too and it needs to be balanced out otherwise people keep stepping on your toes and while it is usually a projection of there insecurities, it’s better to have a little more masculine Aura to lessen interactions like that.

Anyhow, I’d love to further this conversation but I wouldn’t want to derail this thread to much. My Astrology says that I’m 60% Feminine & 40% Masculine, hence why it makes sense for me to get Ascension, I didn’t like Emperor as it was literally scaring people away, and the dominance was so high that people we’re literally intimidated by my presence, and I don’t like that as I don’t want people to feel that way, I prefer people to be magnetized and attracted by my presence, I seek no power over others.


I think an Ultima title with the theme “Productivity Unleashed” would be fantastically useful for many people.



That’s BLU!


Not really.


BLU is most certainly geared toward productivity. Half of the script is productivity, the rest is cognitive enhancement.


I guess I figure with the range of titles and shades of gray seen in so many of the themes and titles on the site, “Productivity” would be worthy of its own dedicated title. I mean, you have a module called “Productivity Unleashed” in the Q Store. I doubt it is simply some slight variant on the “Beyond Limitless” theme rebranded.

Productivity seems like a very important theme to me, and worthy of a carefully considered title built mostly from the ground up.