Main Disc. Thread - Ultima


I understand what you mean. We’ll look into it.


an Ultima title that is solely about anti procrastination and productivity would be great and ideal for a booster.


is anybody using Airpods for listening to Ultima and can say if they are getting results?


I do, both Airpods 2 and Pro. 100% suitable for Ultima.


@SaintSovereign Please do consider Commander for Ultima version.


+1 for that


I’ll take Legacy. I’m thinking between Legacy Ultima, Spartan T², Beyond Limitless Ultima and Limit Destroyer Ultima, we could take a heavily overweight person and turn them into the next Ninja Warrior champion. :slight_smile:

We tried, the vibration could not be captured on MP3. We need a new audio format. :wink:

Just wanted to say I’m still happily using the 280’s with those Ali ear pads. Still super comfortable.


I actually dreamt of getting them in a store lol.

I really don’t want to change the nice looking leather pads against these ugliest ones… but the leather ones are really not comfortable for me.


Yeah I’ve never liked leather ear things even if they look better.


You do realize they have a bunch of color options and both velvet and faux leather, right? I’f you’d prefer hooker red fleather, Ali’s got you covered. :wink:


What has been anyone’s experience alternating Ultima titles? I wonder if doing so would average out the effects of both titles or would they conflict or even cancel each other out because they seem to build up momentum over days? I’m more talking about alternating between two different ultimas per day, not playing back to back or anything like that. I’ll be trying this out myself soon once I settle on what to listen to.


Rebirth and sanguine are fine together. And obviously A & B alternating though I think they were different builds of the same thing (someone can correct if wrong)


Nice, yeah those two sound like a good stack.

Yeah, I think A and B were the same, I suspect B was a denser build of A. It’s odd, I found those two didn’t get along too well for me, they both seemed to have different effects.


I so want to spill the beans on that one… Aargh!


Has anyone been able to handle listening to two different Ultima titles on the same day and get effects from both (e.g. Sanguine in morning, Libertine in evening)? Any recommendation for how much time between titles?


@DarkPhilosopher common we still need your recommendation too for The Commander :grin:


Surprise ? please share and surprise me :slight_smile:


I would imagine BL if listened to first might enhance Libertine ??


Well, I liked it (and I really am going to miss Saint’s background audios), but like most people the visualization was not easy for me. I do believe I did recommend it somewhere already however.


When is Stark Ultima to be released ? wow yes it has to be super charger :slight_smile: