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Update: My Wife came back home yesterday morning. She is doing good and on her way to recovery. Thank You everyone for your support. @SaintSovereign and @Fire have created not only life and possibly world changing products but also an amazing community that I am incredibly grateful to be a part of and contribute to


Im happy to hear your wifes home and doing good. I wish her a fast and full recovery!


That’s great! Best wishes for a very speedy recovery and a successful journey to optimal health, for both of you. :+1:t2:


Ran one loop of Beyond Limitless Ultima earlier then tonight I ran a loop of EOGQ Stage 1 and I am currently running one more. I came across a financial nerd as he calls himself named Garrett Gunderson and somehow I can relate to him .

Is it the hair or the beard?
He’s got a podcast and I have been watching his clips on YouTube. I have also begun rereading The Millionaire Fastlane

Ultima Journal placement?

@SaintSovereign, when can we expect the publication of Ultima Stage 1 A and B ? It could be great to stack them with my custom sub !


@JCast I hope full and complete recovery and healing for you and your wife.


Yea, he looks like the guy in your profile photo.
BLU brought him to you.


Who here ran ultima subs with a soundcore motion+ speaker? I have one and I love it, but I am not sure regarding the effects of running ultima on a speaker!


I’m interested to know about Ultima on those speakers as well.


I have been running Libertine for nearly a week now. When I hit my second loop today I became angry and down in the dumps. So I stopped might just drop back to once loop for now. I just cannot pin point exactly what is bringing up this anger and sadness.


It did that for me in the beggining also


It means there is some effect rather than nothing happening at all? At least you are not stonewalling.


Not gonna lie, this guy looks like your spirit animal.


I am going to do some experimenting. I purchased Primal a year ago so I am going to drop my custom down to 2 loops and throw in primal at 2 loops. Then try running libertine at 2 loops a few hours later. Over a year ago when I stacked emperor and primal. I remember approaching a girl and talking to her she replied “sorry i am busy then walked away” 30 seconds later she turned round walked back to me gave me a smile then replied “you have a nice energy do you want to meet tomorrow”. The aura obviously hit her but effected her a later.

THIS TELLS ME THAT THE AURA WAS WORKING THAT TIME. So why would the Libertine aura not work for me? it should unless SC are using a different algorithum.

Some of the brothers of this forum have shared their insights which I am very grateful for and will be exploring these ideas too.


There has to be a reason why you became angry on the second loop. Why were you angry on the second loop?


Glad I’m not the only one seeing a connection here :slight_smile:

Actually I have a theory which is why I added Regeneration to my stack tonight. Even in the face of such a powerful healing sub as Blue Skies, I suspect there are deep seated patterns from residual trauma that take a long time or a lot of effort to root out and heal, that don’t always raise their heads except in situations which cause the subconscious to be reminded of past experience.

So its possible an aura might work some times, and then the deeper mind blocks it on other occasions due to being reminded of those past experiences. Some patterns or habits are so deeply rooted we can’t recognize them because the original events have been forgotten.

I remember reading posts with the subject (for example) “why is Regeneration Q making me angry?”. Anger is usually a sign something is working because it means an internal button is being pushed. Its just a matter of figuring out what it is.


I ran one loop of Beyond Limitless Ultima yesterday then ran three of my customs the rest of the day. Feel good today. One of my customs has nothing but Alpha , leadership , and wealth related modules in it plus the IQ Booster and StarkQ Core in it as well. I ran three or four loops of that yesterday and will probably do the same later today . Working really hard on changing my beliefs , confidence , and attitude about having and making money.

Ultima Journal placement?

You might as well assume that it’s working. Just my $0.02.

It probably is.


You also have a lot of auras in your custom. Just thought of this. Might need to up your food intake a bit, or going out into the sun a bit more.


@SaintSovereign :rofl: you crack me up sometimes mate, right now I am living and working in a country with crap summers and a high level of humidity due to the number of canals here. Having said that I have started taking high doses of vitamin D3.