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@emperor_obewan that is an interesting insight. Its possible that the custom is uncovering deep seated issues that might be blocking the full effect of the auras. I am going to drop my custom loops to x 2 tonight and run 2 loops of primal. Then later on run Libertine at 2 loops again. Lets see what happens…

I know alot of people are currently using limit destroyer ultimat are you using this before running your custom or after ??


She also could have ‘felt’ your solidity/ energy in how you stayed un-collapsed in her turning you down, even as she walked away. That made her trust you/ be attracted. Its a game changer when one no longer has any aversions to negative outcomes and doesn’t make it mean anything in that moment or about one’s long term success, not just mentally but on embodiment level. Really curious to hear how primal fairs in the mix.


@SaintSovereign Would Alchemist, especially Stage 2 or 4 help to increase the power of Libertine?
I think about making an Sexual Aura Custom and perhaps Alchemist Stage 2 or 4 could be an addition in that for the energy foundation.


Could the anger be from the lack or results from running libertine Ultima for you ? like a subconscious frustration?


@Grimm1390 I do not think it is I am planning on carrying out some experimental testing with the different subs namely primal stacked with my customs to see how things go will keep you all posted.


In some ways it depends on what I’m running LDU with. I’m not running huge numbers of loops of my custom so during some evenings I might only have one loop of my custom, and then listen to another two loops during the daytime. Last night for example I put LDU sandwiched berween two loops of Regeneration. followed by Rebirth. You can kinda see the intent there.

Unfortunately my subconscious mind is a cunning mofo and will sometimes have me remove my headphones once I’m far enough in to sleep not to notice. Tonight was one of such nights so I don’t know if I got the full effect.

I usually fit LDU in where it will synergize with other modules or reduce resistance to an intense set of loops. Also my nightly set is usually only 8 hours long tops so I have to choose what I run well. I usually set it up just before laying down, in VLC.


@SaintSovereign @Fire Any chance of getting an Ultima title that blends really well with Ecstasy of Gold or Wealth focused customs?


I think BLU would do well for EoG and other wealth subs. It’s focus is not only intelligence, but also creativity and productivity. Looking at it closer, those 3 qualities actually help in producing more wealth.

Or do you have something more specific in mind?


@d1gz I am running BLU at the moment. You’re probably right. I definitely have seen an increase in focus , cognitive ability, and productivity. In another post I mentioned how BLU has really helped me more aware of how full of shit people generally tend to be. Not something I expected at all


That’s what I’m running alongside my wealth/productivity stack at the moment until I build my custom, then it will be what I run alongside the custom. :sunglasses:
I like it!


Actually seeing all that crap people have really is an eye opener right? But yeah, I also think BLU actually helped me be more productive and focused lately.


@d1gz I don’t think most people are aware or are often completely oblivious to how full of shit they are. Like some weird delusional arrogance


Usually this is more described under charisma, it is a method to create chemistry. Within relationships, these are the people that just enjoy being around each other, while ignoring compatability. It is a simple strategy that is employed to find others who do the same thing, they find someone else who reinforces their perception of a successful strategy (Mirroring).


Absolutely. :wink:




Really looking forward to this one…


I’d use it along with Emperor in a heartbeat


Taking a break today for sure and possibly tomorrow as well. I think I unintentionally overwhelmed myself yesterday by how many loops I did. I actually lost count. Feeling both mentally and physically exhausted with all that’s been going on. Definitely going to run less loops and take more days off in between going forward.

Ultima Journal placement?

I sort of have a love hate relationship with running Beyond Limitless Ultima because yeah I stop and think before I say and do almost everything now which is huge and yet at the same time I am constantly thinking to myself " the fucking unnecessary headaches , drama, and money I could have saved myself had I just kept to myself , kept my mouth shut, and worked my ass off ".

Ultima Journal placement?


Getting on the Ultimate bandwagon :slight_smile: Can Ultima be listened to overnight on iPhone speakers? If not, what about Bose Bluetooth speakers?

1 hour of active listening time with headphones is challenging for me, hence the ask. Thanks!