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Hey bro!

To be most effective the Ultima is best to be heard with headphones on the better quality side.

Moreover, listening over night is likely to reduce the purpose of ultima.


Thanks @mecharc! To clarify, here’s the strategy I was thinking of - Schedule it in my overnight playlist so it 1 loop of Lib Ultima is played through Bose speakers around 5 or 6 AM.

That should give it enough time to kick in a couple of hours later based on how the product has been described to work.

I understand good quality headphones is best. I was wondering if iPhone speakers or Bose speakers (yes I know the product description mentions speakers are supported) could work based on anyones experience.


Ask Saint when he listens to his Libertine… :wink:

Decent quality external speakers are fine. I wouldn’t use internal phone speakers though. And if the speakers have their own volume knob, don’t max out either those or the phone, but find a nice balance where you keep a moderate volume on both the phone and speakers.


Ask Saint when he listens to his Libertine…

Thanks @DarkPhilosopher! That’s illuminative :slight_smile: Aright, here goes my experiment…


When is Ultima 1A coming out? :smiley:


I was wondering why there wasnt the good old subliminal booster that just exist to boost the other sub your listening to.
Or something else that existed on youtube. A sub that makes your subconscious totally open highly suggestible to subs for 1 hour or more.


Pragya + DEUS offer that effect, but you’re not likely to be advised to run outside subs by anyone on here, for a variety of reasons. :wink:


“strongest subliminal booster known to man”
“Instant Results”
“Achieve results at super light speed”

Sometimes I laugh at the stupidity, but it was through one of those boosters that I found Emperor originally :slight_smile:


You know who they are targetting when you see all the comments in youtube.


Lol I’ve seen some ridiculous subliminals on YouTube. Sometimes I worry if they are just psychopaths creating stuff for kids that fucks with their head. They already do that with the kids section of YouTube. Some really creepy stuff ends up on there because they learned how to bypass the filters.


I have the feeling that this weekend there will be a new Ultima : Stage 1 A :smiley: Am I wrong @SaintSovereign ? :thinking:


What is the minimum of minutes one must listen to Ultima tracks to see desired results?

In some moments, it is impossible to listen with headphones for a whole hour. Personally, my first loop of Ultima was only for a bit more than 30 minutes and I saw great results.


Just got a pair of bluetooth JVC headphones .I’m going to run Beyond Limitless Ultima either later on tonight or right away tomorrow morning


What happened with the bone conducting headphones? Were they effective for you?


Stick with an hour unless you’re experienced with using subliminals.


@bujin The bone conductanion headphones didn’t work well. Everything sounded almost muddy in a way


How about like @friday says and going for less then an hour? I’ve been wanting to ask this question previously. With some Ultima titles after 30-minutes I can feel some kind of resistance arising, that might just be enough for me to have profound results. Will I miss any scripting by doing that?


I can no longer play Beyond Limitless Ultima before bed or even close to bed time. It keeps me up thinking and feeling like I should be doing something productive. Probably doesnt help that the one custom I have been mainly listening to now also has at least four motivation and productivity modules in it.
That and I am loving the new headphones I got yesterday


Why do you think you need another custom for that beyond using what you already have and sticking with it?


For those that have tried several of the ultima titles which one did you find the most “fast acting” or powerful.

I’ve only tried Sanguine ultima for 2 days so far and I definitely feel the zen “in the zone” feeling.