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ultima beyond limitless is working for me instantly but i ran around 4 loops per week / 1 loop per day

i am trying to construct a schedule with 2 customs + sex mastery + ultima bl + ultima libertine but it seems impossible because i would like to take 1-2 rest days


Wife was back in the hospital for a few days. Having issues breathing which we discovered is related to a partially paralyzed nerve in her sternum as a result of her cardiac bypass surgery. She’s at home now and will be getting some home health care support and we are also working on getting her on disability as her ability to work isn’t an option anymore. I am taking a test either this week or next to become what’s known as a PCA or Personal Care Attendant so I can take over what she has had to do and also hopefully be able to take care of her as well and get paid for it.


Best of luck to you both!


@JCast I hope all works out.


Libertine, but you need to go outside for that to work
Ultima A (not released yet)

Beyond Limitless actually took roughly 2-3 days to properly work for me


Where is Ultima 1A and the rest of the Ultimas (e.g. True Social)…hmm…SubClub is probably focusing on the next great thing!


Ultima 1a and sanguine were the most fast acting for me.


DAMN I KNEW IT! Fuck me hahaha. And I was wondering why B doesn’t work for me haha

How can I ever trust you after that :joy:

By the way, I think there is a typo. Not the following week* but day


Trust your gut.


That’s an official document? :open_mouth:


Yes in the science section


Whoah. I haven’t checked that page much after discovering the website, great to see that it’s updated. The last time I checked, the page talked about some studies done by the government a few decades back.


rofl, there’s no hiding anything from ya’ll. We weren’t going to reveal this page yet, as we’re planning the next study. :wink:

I’m pretty exhausted, so I’m missing the typo?


Oh sorry for ruining it haha

The last paragraph, it is written, “The following week, participants switched to (B)”. It should be “day” not week.


By the way, you mentioned you semi-figured out how to create the more advanced Q scripting with Ultima. Will Ultima (v2) also be sufficient enough to create physical changes ?


We’re about to test that. :slight_smile:
Private test first, though. With NDAs and all that good stuff.


Oof don’t get me excited, I’m going to get my custom sub with physical changes as a key element soon :frowning:


I hope it has the hair one.


I have beyond limitless and works on me on one loop.
It’s a really great technology.
Hopefully you release more products like this.


I liked my placebo subliminal. :smiley: