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What’s the definition of an experienced user … a year or more ? Multiple Stacks ?


Is true social ultima in the workbasket :heart_eyes:


Basically, someone who can deeply understand how a subliminal is affecting them. Terminus Squared, for example, has very weird effects that no one could quite put their finger on. Most people could tell they were receiving the subliminal scripting, as they started having vivid dreams after using it, but they didn’t seem to get noticeable results. Others swear by Terminus Squared, say it’s lifechanging. Either way, it’s a hard format to wield. Q, however, is quite consistent. Thus, it’s easier for someone to run. You just listen for a few loops a day and see linear results.


Of course. :wink:


Ohhh yeah, seeing how strong BLU and LU are, can’t wait to see how TSU will do!

Lots of social beast incoming on this forum!! :muscle:


It’s definitely tricky. I’m one of those that find T² effective, but it’s still very easy to stonewall, especially if you’re juggling more than one custom. Honestly, I really like T², but I’m not sure if it’s worth the hassle.

Will @Fire “cracking the code” give us ways to better manage running T² titles?


Hence why we put warnings everywhere. Going forward, we’ll private test future technologies.

Possibly. It’s gonna take some more research.


I do think that given many’s “more is better” mindset (power, number of loops, etc.) that it is very easy for these experimental technologies to be misused and then lead to bad comments or people giving up. So it may just be better for T2 to become private.


Maybe a tiered-access level, only enable T2 for people who have had experience with Q and T levels, without issue? I’m generally not a fan of restrictions like this, but I can also understand the need for withholding the upper power levels for those who have demonstrated the ability to handle it, to avoid bad reviews, complaints, etc. I’d rather we have some capability demonstration in place rather than having some of the abilities taken away entirely, simply because a few people don’t know how to play with nice things. :wink:

I’ve been using subs for the majority of the past year now, and I’m still not even considering doing a custom with T2. StarkQ Terminus feels good for me, so that’s what I’m comfortable with. Even at that power level, if it’s too dense for me and I choose it anyways, then that’s my fault and nobody elses.


I am wishing for Serum X Ultima

A sub you just listen after training to fully regenerate, build muscle, sleep well etc.

That would be so amazing :heart_eyes:


Maybe it could be based on the SubClub Elite levels? Such as being an Ascended or above.


Customs in Ultima are far away if I recall correctly.


Lol I am not talking about a custom @SubliminalUser


Oh. Well, I had guessed that a custom would be involved since Serum X is just a custom module rather than a standalone sub. No worries!
If there’s anything to go by though, a lot of things about the modules themselves need to fundamentally change to make Ultima work due to the different scripting


That opens the door to spamming posts just to level up though; it’s not relevant to the user’s experience with a particular sub level.

I’m thinking more along the lines of being granted access to the next power level after completing a journal for X number of days at the current level. ie. 30 days with Q unlocks Terminus, and then 60 days with Terminus unlocks T2, or something like that. Likely longer periods, but that’s the idea.

Basically I’m saying demonstrate the ability to use one level safely, before going to the next level.


I must be missing something. What is Serum X and what is it intended to do?


Never mind I just read the description of the module in the Q Store


I just named it “Serum X Ultima” because this describes the idea very well. Though this would be the Emperor Fitness Ultima supercharger equivalent (which is already in the work) just with a focus on REGENERATION instead of performance.


Wait for Project Hero later this year. :wink:

Saint Sovereign's Journal (Custom StarkQ, Ultimate Musician Prototype)

There is so much coming up oh my god!