Main Disc. Thread - Ultima


I have to agree with you on this one. It’s possible to just post the same question (albeit slightly reworded) as a different topic and be added to your post count. Or a user may just keep posting something like

Ran 1 loop of <insert sub name here>. Feeling meh.
Ran 2 loops of <insert 2nd sub here>. Feeling meh.

2 examples that are not really helpful to the community.

The issue I have with this one is, you’re basically forcing people to join the forum. Forcing the user to spill out their thoughts to the community. And yet, many value their privacy (even if there’s a level of anonymity here), or fear of getting judged (I mean you’re gonna pour yourself out to people). In addition to that, forcing people to do something they are not comfortable with is not what SC does right?

I agree that there has to that only “experienced” users should handle T2 or any more complex subs. But in the end, it’s still the user’s choice and therefore responsibility to accept the consequences. I mean, there are some who have been questioning the effectiveness of the subs right here in this forum. And they’ve been here for months or longer now.


Getting goosebumps already. Any hint about it?



SaintSovereign is like the Kevin Feige of the subliminal industry lol. Always dropping hints here and there for us to figure out the next SC products :rofl:


And then completely blindsiding the fans with something much better.


LMAO, Saint is really poking us with this one. Captain America incoming?

Or rather James Bond?


It does sound pretty cool,

Will it be some kind of muscle boosting, diet adherance and workout intensifier? :heart:


Very true, excellent points! I can totally understand that, for example that’s one of the reasons I don’t use any social media at all.

Private journals might be an option then, or maybe just a time elapsed since purchasing 1 power level before progressing to the next. A waiver button could be offered, but that would only work here on the forum… very difficult to prevent unfair bad reviews elsewhere on the internet.


I keep seeing this term popping out “Executive”! This was the surprise sub used during the testing right?

What are the major differences between the executive and BLU?


I think BLU has a lot of scripting for increasing intelligence and creativity, some Alpha and social programming, to be fearless and tie into Stark magnetism, since it’s the currently most run intelligence sub not QL, and a large amount of scripting on execution, productivity, and action

I believe Executive is predominantly execution, productivity, and action …and perhaps some ‘executive presence/alpha programming’


So for long term cognitive enhancement and ultimate productivity, it’s still better to get QL? Maybe even get that and also run BLU to complement it or will it be too much?


I think BLU greatly complements QL. I’m currently running both and prior to adding BLU, my productivity was not much compared to now.


I’m using QL ST 4 with BL too.
But I feel BL results last a lot too, even though much less than the listening day.


Makes me curious if running BLU , QL, and Executive when its released will help you become an overachiever?


Possibly, but that’s a PUSHY stack. Make sure you’re ready to work or expect reconciliation.


@SaintSovereign I may already be hitting reconciliation because at times I dont want to do anything and yet although I may have done a lot I still feel like Im being incredibly lazy and need to be more productive . Im starting to understand why when Im like this or similar my wife refers to me as her " cracked out Chihuahua "


Is there an Ultima version of Elixir in the works?


Looking forward to DREAMS Ultima :smiley:


@SaintSovereign when can we expect Executive ?


It’s coming. There’s a lot going on. New Q modules, the construction of the studio / office / testing facility. Trust me, once we get settled, the stuff we’re going to release will blow your mind. Can’t wait for everyone to see what’s on the new roadmap. :slight_smile: