Main Disc. Thread - Ultima


@SaintSovereign and @Fire

Thank you so much for these new Q modules, your testing, and your innovations!


So great ! Are you using Executive to push you to do all these inovations ? :grin:


Ohhhh! New august 2020 roadmap :heart_eyes:


@SaintSovereign Please don’t delay.

Once my Aussie debit card expires, I’m locked from buying anymore.


It’s actually a multi-lane highway. Didn’t fit on the one road. Plus, roads have those annoying speed limits, traffic bumps and lights.


I would NOT mind playing with DREAMS Ultima while i wait for my sub and also during my sub where I get to talk with my subconscious as my brain processes the custom, as well as explore the fabric of reality :wink: I could really use Executive right now to restart motivation for life.

Oh, you :joy:


What? :slight_smile:

So I’ve been running multiple Ultima titles all with the productivity scripting and I haven’t got time for anything anymore. Told Saint I don’t know what’s been going on, been doing all the things I have wanted to do for ages but neglecting the things on my ToDo list. It’s like I’m going through my backlog.

So buyer beware, you may get too active to listen. Imagine if the chicken was too busy to lay the egg… :wink:

Official Listening Recommendations for Single Title Posted

This is better than lazing around and doing nothing during quarantine!


Another thing I haven’t found time for, being social. :slight_smile:

And rest & relaxation. Which is starting to get to me.


During this time, I don’t think that’s a problem


@DarkPhilosopher Why would you want to be social? Every time I force myself or I am made to be social I instantly regret it.


Oh man, I’m trying to reach out to others and it’s becoming a nuisance :sweat_smile:


I think it’s simply a non-goal at this time for many. That’s why you have to step up to the plate…for yourself :wink:


It’s simple, I know how important it is to network, be it for personal or business. We need to build a tribe. I don’t have to like it. In fact, I find social standards like small talk and dating to be unnecessary and aggravating. Then again, I also find the existence of a monetary economy to be unnecessary and aggravating.

But I accept that in order to operate optimally in this society these are necessary things, simply one of the many masks we wear pretending to be civilized when in fact we are still the same barbarians that fell out of a tree in Africa long long ago. We just got better at hiding it.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it’s very rewarding and enjoyable to socialize and go out. But often it’s like having children. You suffer for decades, it’s those few moments of pure joy that make it all worth it.

So I shouldn’t avoid socializing or I might miss out on those moments.


And if, in this statement, you are referring to our Australopithecine forebears, the fact is that socializing was even more critically important for them than for us. Literally the difference between life and death.



Do you have any plans to release an ultima of the commander?


I am sure once they get the new office up and running older super chargers will be upgraded and released.


Got my new headphones today so just testing them out on BLU

I can already tell theres a big difference so I’ll report as time goes on

Will also see what this does for LIbertine Ultima


Never Eat Alone-by Keith Ferrazzi

the book makes networking more fun, rewarding, and interesting IMO. Shifts the perspective to being a giver and creating a family like support structure around success of real solid relationships

great book to read for anyone running Inner Circle as well.


I wonder sometimes if our posting information and suggestions to each other is part of
limitless in scripts core, informaticon, etc at work.