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It isn’t available on Android?


@Grasping_infinity I would love to see a mac version for it. I believe Apple made it very easy to generate a mac app out of a iphone application. Especially, the “set a number of loops” feature will be amazing. Interestingly, I have been setting the intention to find such an app some days ago and now here you come.


how do you listen to morphic fields?
check out the “OpenAudible” app that converts audiobooks to mp3


I play one morphic field concurrent and related (I did do two once… one each from both popular makers) with a subliminal and play an audiobook (one not in my iBooks)… like short Neville Goddard talks or books :slight_smile: (Cannot over listen to them)
Only your app can make this possible!


It looks like I am manifesting more people talking about Neville Goddard. :stuck_out_tongue:


He’s the best and really does fit in well with what we’re all trying to do here.


Can you listen to Rebirth Ultima and Beyond Limitless Ultima on the same day?


I don’t see why not. I use SanguineU in the morning and BLU after lunch of the same day.


I think SaintSovereign said somewhere that running two Ultima titles a day is not recommended because it isn’t so effective. But because of the nature of Rebirth, it could work


Rebirth seems like it would be best at night towards bedtime so your brain could process it while you sleep.


That’s exactly what I planned :wink:


I think Rebirth would go well with any other Ultima, but I wouldn’t mix the others.
I though I was on to something with BLU Libertine combo and it worked with one in the morning and the other at night, but stacking them near eachother together simply made me a theoretical seduction genius :wink: lol JK :joy:

I did actually feel the effects of both strongly, but something about it didn’t quite work, at least for me.


Sex Mastery Ultima pls!


Yes …that would be unreal lol


@SaintSovereign this might be pushing it but…would it be okay to run 3 Ultima titles in one day if the 3rd (and last one) is Dreams while falling asleep?


Bro, can you give more details please?


Massive headaches. “My life fucking sucks. I’m a loser. I’m a loser at life”. stuff like that.


Did it take a few days for the reconciliation to kick in? If so, how many?


First day. I somehow did this for a week to see if it would clear up. It did not.


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