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anyone else start having awesomely amazing and coherent dreams on ultima?


The Commander balances it nicely but after running Stark for two months I’ve got impression the authors expected too much of it and put too much in it. The only results I get are improved social skills and a cognitive boost. Maybe one day I could use it to a better benefit. It seems to me I might need some other subs (EoG or Khan) to clear my path to Stark. Or maybe the authors will crop up with some script update.


@Rhinesuchus I had some crazy dreams last night. I ran Elixir as I was falling asleep


I’ve been saying over and over that rest days and processing times matter.


Yeah agree with Saint, these subs need space for rest and processing. Good thing about them is they don’t need to be played back to back everyday. 1 loop is usually sufficient.

I wonder in future if Saint you can even minimise there times from 1 hour to just 30 minutes? Yet retaining there strength.


Careful what you ask for…subclub will def give you something better :grinning:


Its all in the name. The mercyful Saint who enables each to have there rightful Sovereignty.


I want a Sex Mastery Ultima …the impact that would make !


could i get a response on my previous post above about teminus squared custom please


I would not expect two ultima titles to stack together very well. In fact, I would say that there are only a FEW combinations of ultima titles that work very well.

True Social + Libertine
(Healing Title) + (Personal Identity Title)
Beyond Limitless + Executive

Beyond this the state shifts that two titles try to induce just become too different and so need to be spaced apart by a long period of time.


Hey @NinjaFox,

Saint has repeatedly said that it’s not clear exactly how Terminus2 build tracks work. They do have powerful effects, but these may be unpredictable, and different users seem to respond differently.

The bottom-line is when you use a Terminus2, it’s an experiment. If your past experience or openness to new experiences makes you fine with whatever may happen, then go ahead. If you want a more predictable process and outcome, the standard strength level may be your best option.

This is not one of those cases where more definitely means better.


yeah i know all that but what i really wanted to know is since ive been running a specific sub like EOG just like the support page say would teminus squared build be a good fit for me?
wanted to if since i ran it with other sub does that take away from the 6-8 months?
thanks for the reply


What @Malkuth said still applies. I have no idea how Terminus Squared will work for you. It’s definitely an experiment.


@WhiteTiger have you tried running TS and libertine back to back ?


No, only tryed both separated since they were updated to ultima!

But I tryed true social and went to the grocery… I spoke with three different people hahaha like random conversation, not even to hit girls or anything :rofl:


WhiteTiger try both and report back :slight_smile:


I might very well once I’ll be able to walk :wink:

Did you try it, what was your experience with it?


If Ultima titles are supposed to provide short term results, then why are they replacing the stacking subs ? if the stack subs plus major subs provide long term results should we really kill stacking subs like God like masculinity, sanguine, rebirth etc ? Maybe a option of both like having Stacking sub Ultima and masked Q version of it as well going forward.
Or whatever new upgrades technology that surpasses Q in the future.


I think you get ultima and the regular Q version under your downloads


I think I read somewhere in the future they will only be Ultima options ,they are getting rid of the others like Q.
stackers will only be in Ultima form. My thinking is if ultima is short term results then isn’t the other versions of the stacking subs in the long run more beneficial to use ? I think having both as a option going forward ultima and the latest technology masked version would be a perfect combo