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Yes you right…
But i think that state shift of an ultima can cause deep growth also. If you keep going into that specific state often you will likely keep some experiences from that state.
just my cents


@Grimm1390 @pacman idk about you guys but yes it seems like running an Ultima or two on a consistent schedule is causing me to permanently adopt the qualities of the momentary state that the ultimas produce. I’m becoming more authoritative at an accelerated rate and not overthinking as much thanks to the commander. The executive is having me take action on any and everything that needs to get done, even when I’m tired. The whole “I don’t have enough energy”excuse I would sometimes tell myself for why I wasn’t in top of certain things is being obliterated.

Ultima or not, the more times the subconscious and conscious minds are exposed to something, especially if there is emotion and no resistance attached to it, the more the aspects of your mind believe it.


Yeah, we must not forget the power of habits :wink:

I learned the habit of going to the gym and never used subs to do it.

If you use executive to build a habit, changing your patterns of behavior or way of thinking. You can get “permanent” results.


Having all subs name-embedded means that all subs will have a price increase? And this increased price will be higher than the original cost + upgrade fee? I guess?
I wonder if that means… I better buy EOG now before the price increase. :thinking:


Whatever happens, i think the less costly option will always be available

Edit: As long as it is still as effective.


No, they might keep the regular subs to have a more affordable price. And add the upgrade cost for those who already have purchased the sub.

I think once they will be upgraded you will have to choose between regular one and the name embedded version because they will be considered two different products.


I am torn between “The Executive” and "The Commander’. One makes you dominant in life. Other gives you a lot of action. I have to choose between the two.


Why choose when you can use both?


They both make you dominant in different ways

Executive-ambitious, dominant in getting things time, no time to waste, the internal power and focus on action will reflect dominance to others.

Commander-dominant in integrating parts of yourself and dominant in commanding the respect and attention of others, through congruence and status


I thought only 1 ultima title should be used at a time. If I can use 2 that would be awesome.


I forgot who it was but someone on here uses 6 titles in one day they said go big or go home and it appears they get good results


I’m not sure who used 6 ultima titles in a single day…there are high loop count feats on here though (I looped Rebirth 7 times and listened to my custom once on a single day)


I have done multiple runs of Elixir in a day. May explain why I feel at times that my mental and emotional maturity and growth is progressing at a rate I never dreamt possible. Incredibly excited to see what a year or so of Elixir and Regeneration accomplishes


I am about to experiment with 3 times of Elixir Ultima per day(back to back)


Obviously I have a long way to go but I feel that my perspective is definitely changing with Elixir. There are times though that I have no idea what to do about something and I guess admitting isn’t a bad thing.


I am curious what would happen if we listen to libertine ultima and the elixir ultima back to back.


It is recommended that you don’t go above 3. Not really sure if it means over 3 loops or 3 Ultima titles. Don’t know of anyone here who has tried running more than 3 Ultima titles on the same day. I run at most 3, though I try to just limit it to 2 most days.

However, I heard of some here running 5 or 6 loops of 1 or 2 Ultima titles.


For my part I use 3 ultima in one day (Beyond limitless, Executive and Commander), one or 2 loops each but not back to back. I wait 1 or 2 hours in between


Do you use other subs aside from Ultimas?


I mix them with my custom sub (with sanguine as core sub)