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It’s a good thing you don’t experience much reconciliation then. I try not to overdo it with Ultimas since I also listen to 2 customs. 3 or more Ultimas together with my customs give me a lot of reconciliation.


Is Elixir gender specific?


Newer ultimas need -5db than the older releases. This applies to aegis c19 as well I think. Older ultima has the same pattern as the regular subs. Would this warrant a change to the standard Q subs + old ulltima?

More bandwidth, more db for some reason. This is of course more of an issue with my equipment I guess.

Bottom is executive, top blu, Q subs same as blu.


Thats bandwidth? Meaning how dense the sub is?


That audacity graphs shows the amplitude (db) over time. Bandwidth (frequency) is not really shown here. It only shows that newer ultima subs are actually louder than Q and older ultimas.


I’ve noticed that the Ultima subs are louder than Q/custom subs. Hasn’t been much of a problem so far, but it would be really nice for everything to be volume normalized.


I’ve asked Saint if he could elaborate concerning the volume.

At least it is a deterrent for people that want to throw Ultimas into their stack with Q subs and put it on a loop.


The Ultimas are a bit louder by design. Not going into too much detail, but it involves making sure the subconscious picks up on the masked and ultrasonic scripts without having to turn up the volume to an unsafe level.


Hello @SaintSovereign are there any plans to come up with tech in the future wihich will enable to create shorter tracks be it Ultimas/ Major/ Multi?


Not at the moment.


Will the blue skies ultima released as a title in the store, or is it an experimental sub?


I would love to test Blue Skies Ultima.


Would love to be a part of that test too😁


Experimental and will probably stay in the permanent vault. The goal of OG Blue Skies was different than the new version and it’s not something I feel comfortable releasing into the wild right now.


Is it because of the reconciliation?

Anything which is worth doing is never easy. Same is the case of the sub. If it can promote powerful growth, one can pair it up with sanguine.

Although I understand, experimentation with customer base couldn’t be possible after all of the foulness from libertine ultima.

Sincerely hope that you do make something as profound as that for the people here who want to keep growing :pray:


No, because of the experimental’s target goal. Not something most people could handle and I’m not sure it wouldn’t end up in the wrong hands. And yes, the Libertine Ultima situation definitely turned me off from certain things.


What’s in those 10 pages that makes it unhandle-able compared to the triple-digit # of pages found in customs?!


O.G. Blue Skies wasn’t 10 pages. :wink:


HMM…what’s this? :wink:

An Acknowledgement

You’re technically right if it’s 11 pages. Or 12. But you know what I mean!

Anyways…@SaintSovereign do you feel like Original Blue Skies helped or was it a waste of time?


Lol why do I feel like we are a lot guilty of this hahaha :raised_hand: