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Yes, it helped. Just has some odd side effects. I’m pretty adamant on not releasing it, though. Maybe at some point, but now’s not the time.


Lol do we need to prepare ourselves first by building empires and wealth and running current title like EoG, Khan, Emperor, etc. for such healing?


Would it be possible eventually (and I put great emphasis on the word) to work out some kind of loop around these types of products which might attract people with a “magic pill” mindsets (I use Magic pill mindset as a purely descriptive term here, not trying to discriminate anyone).

There could be a special line of product with a “No refund & No complaint” policy, as you are buying an “experimental” product. I mean, this would certainly not remove all the problems of complaint, but everybody trying these “experimental” products would at least be clearly informed before purchasing anything. :thinking:

I mean, I’ve ran Khan in 2019, and I had very little success with woman, like, I was semi-attractive, or not really, I really needed to be on my “perfect” mindset to feel attractive or to go on dates. All of the subliminals you guys created (and yes, I am talking about some products that people claim they didn’t see results like Libertine, PS, SS, Primal, Khan… Romance subliminal) have helped me greatly in becoming more attractive! Yes it takes times to undo a lot of negative conditionning and limiting beliefs, but with time, changes happens. Now, I am going out of my place and I see girls looking at me… I am using a fucking cruch to walk hahaha what the hell!

The more I run, the more it is engrained in me… Two years ago I was getting laid 1-2 per year with luck, now I can have fwb, I’ve created a Tinder profile which reflect my personality way more (with good matches), last year I met two girls in parties which I had sex with. I had sex with my fucking neighbour just by talking to her because our path crossed in front of her doorstep! I am a changed man (even tho I am still running seduction subs because I want to keep keep building that pathway into my brain until it is permanent).

I specialy created this meme in may because a lot of people here are aware of the “magic pill” phenomenon that can happen while running seduction or romance subs :

My point here is not just saying “release them”, far from it. I do understand that people complaining about a product they might not have tryed proprely (or simply in the context that subliminal works in the context of personnal growth) is absolutely frustrating to say the least. If your guys feel some products will not get released, I totally respect that.

The point I am trying to make is that even if some products might work more in a “gray” area, they still can provide value for the right individual and bring important transformation into their life, and that fact at least deserve some reflection (which might already have been done, I am not aware of everything going on behind the curtain of the company)


I’ve been noticing the curiosity about OG Blue Skies. If people are wanting something that might create some similar results, I would encourage going to the Q store and reading about Atman, The Flow, and Spiritual Reality Alignment. Of course, chucking the Q store version of Blue Skies in that mix I think would help, too.

I think @DarkPhilosopher mentioned talking to plants. I noticed I have more reverence for and thoughtfulness about plants, but no monologues or conversations with them yet. :wink:

New Roadmap Thread (May 2019)

I’d become worried if they start talking back. :wink:

Although I don’t exclude the possibility of some form of energetic exchange taking place once I actually learn to discern subtle energies from one another. I understand plants are quite aware when they are the center of attention.

I never told anybody here (EDIT: Turns out I did, oops!) that I was listening to Blue since it’s very much a niche thing and I don’t consider it a healing sub. With so many options that are available to all of us, I try to keep people focused on those instead. Besides, the Q store version of Blue contains the best part.

I will look into that combination though, see if given my experience I would recommend a similar combination.


dude how high is your iq?


Mine? Have you heard of Mensa?


google just told me now, sounds legit


For O.G. Blue Skies, it’s less about being afraid of refunds (because you’re right, we could just say “no refunds” on that one). It’s more that the target goal could be easily abused by nefarious characters. There may be, in the future, an expansion of the current invite only group of testers / advisors / consultants who would receive titles like this. They’d be bound by NDA and the such, though.


Count me in :slight_smile:


Well, that got my curiosity going :laughing:

If I ever have to sign some papers then I would not mind at all to keep it all confidential.



Here’s what I was referring to:


My apologies, I stand corrected. So I did speak of it. That’s the second time today I forgot something, I better stop talking.



Wait! Please keep talking. Just start remembering. :wink:


Better not, who knows what may come up from the dungeons in my memory palace.


That’s a train wreck waiting to happen


Which one gets people to take the actions on your behalf?


That will be interesting.

I personally dislike running multiple tracks. Would be great if The Executive at least could be installed into the customized subliminal audio from the Q-Store.


If I had to pick one I’d say commander.

If your a CEO or high power position of management Executive could be great for delegating and giving directions to capable persons

For general leadership, orchestration of teamwork, sales, or persuasion I would say commander


Paging @Fire.