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Just like BLU has had major program results,

Is commander also likely to do so in the aspect of being a leader and leading/ commanding naturally?


I’d imagine so. Test it and report back for us.


Is it feasible to use BLU, executive with Alchemist?


I ran the Commander for over three weeks (2loops/night) and it was awesome if it comes to that aspect you mentioned. My class management was effortless and highly effective and all of it came to me as if I was born that way. I suppose if you ran it like we run Major Programs it would give you outstanding results.


I was thinking about a health ultima which focuses on immunity, sleep and fat burning including other health benefits.
As gyms are closed in many places, muscle health and fat burning would be very useful for many here.
How many more are up for this one :wink:


Sounds like beast with in mixed with elixir


Let’s get this ball rolling. Winter’s here, we’d all get something from it.


Just a few weeks and you can make your own Ultima custom lol.

I think Serum X, Apollon, Ascelpius, mixed with beast within would make a great physical change workout ultima.

Then for a business/wealth ultima you could do Financial Success Reality Shifter, Wealth Limit Destroyer, Positive Being Attractor, GL<, and BLU mixed together if you were allowed to mix that much.

Maybe even add Deus to both of those if any room left in the module space


these sound like some solid mix, would like to see someone build and apply these


@SaintSovereign and @Fire

I want to revisit this post with an added idea…

I noticed when first listening to the Ultima format, a significant “good feeling”.

It just occurred to me, how about make the potential solution feel good?

What about an Ultima that combined the modules Stronger and Eye of the Storm, and whatever else you might think would be helpful?

Just off the top of my head maybe Dream Traveler, Health Codex, Discordia Deliverance, ARES, Regeneration, Deus, Wayfinder, Mystery, and Harmonic Singularity.

I think trauma seems to be associated with substance abuse, so that’s the rationale behind the healing modules. Although substance abuse might just be an example of an unwanted habit. Binge watching videos all weekend. Negative thinking. Obstructing one’s own happiness. Well, I could go on, but I think you all get the idea.

Update: I just read the Custom Ultimas thread. So maybe this post could be more of a useful idea.


What do you guys suggest to develop authentic relationships showing love ?


Healing (Dragon Reborn, etc.)
Mercy Protocol


Can you clarify a little more what you mean by this?


Attracting geniune people into my life based on authenticity and love.


Whose authenticity and love? Theirs or yours? Are you trying to attract love or simply looking for them to display genuine/authentic love. Sorry if these questions seem redundant I’d just like to be sure about what it is you’re truly asking before offering a suggestion


Run Dragon Reborn so you aren’t a walking red flag


@Neurokinetic i want a module to help radiate love to whoever i meet. I am just browsing through Q right now to see what i can find.


James possibly but perhaps there are q modules for this.


Are you planning to offer free hugs?


Generally these seduction programs purify your game so that you are attracting genuine love that want you. But women are as bad as men so you’re going to get some on the way that don’t love you love you but want you due to the purity of your charm with women and ability to be a father. That’s just how it works, no matter how zen you are there’s a girl out there who is a witch that sees your survival potential as “interesting” and it’s your job to block them if you don’t want them.