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@Yazooneh I have the manipulus module already in my stark core so that should go some way to assisting me in preventing people like that from taking advantage of me.


You’ll attract what you radiate.

And you’ll live with what you settle for.


You aint getting any hugs from me mate :rofl:


I bought the following ultima stack a few weeks back

Focused Arousal
aura of Craving
Seducer’s Gaze
Earthshaker - Sexuality

The first few days it worked very well. Women were talking to me soon as i looked at them. Giving me a strong deer in the head lights look. I listened to it off and on 3 days on, one day off.

Then results seem to fade over time. During this time i was listening to my core stark custom. It has no auras in it.

This week i am.just not getting the results i use to get. Its almost like the results just fade over time. Any suggestions on how to sort this ?.


Yes let go of looking for results. Fear is the main reason. So if you eliminate fears of all sorts you’ll get through the blocks.


fear ? can you elaborate please ? perhaps i am missing sonething. I personally think you have to look for results as you want to ascertain whether there is a difference when using the sub and when not using the sub.


If you were sure you have the results you wanted, you’d not look for confirmation everywhere.

How about trusting 100% that you are who you want to be already. See how that goes. :smiley:


Is there any recommendation against placing minds eye in an Ultima custom?


They said just one core so i guess if thats the only core it will still work, for me i feel like if i have to put a core in the ultimas it will be only 3 modules(including the major core)


@ALMIGHTY When YOU SPEND 300 dollars on an ultima stack you EXPECT results. If you buy a ferrari you expect it to run like a ferrari NOT A BLOODY mini cooper.


Expecting results is different than looking for the results constantly IMHO. But anyways, whatever works for you my dude.


Listen mate you need to look for results or how are you suppose to quantify whether the product is working or not ?. You pay someone to build your house and there is no roof ?. How would you react if the builder replied “you should not be expecting so much”. Honestly i think your living on another planet. I am sorry but your abstract, poetic suggestions are about as useful as a piece of wet toilet roll.

Moderators i am sorry i do not mean to offend but i am tired of these silly suggestions on the forum and to my PM. “you should not make women the center of your life” or “you need to curb the fear within you” “why are you expecting so much from such products”. BLOODY USELESS ADVICE !!! IF YOU CANNOT GIVE PLAUSIBLE SUGGESTION FUCK OFF DO NOT REPLY.


Wow, quite a lot of purging you’ve got going on there brother.

Listen, I’m on your side. If you don’t like my suggestion, that’s okay. Whatever works best for you.

All the very best.

Also, while I am going to accept it this time - Let us keep common courtesy. This is not the way to speak to me or anyone else on these forums. @blackadder

I am assuming we are all adults here.


3 days on, 1 day off: sounds good

How about Action and Opportunities? Got enough of both of them?


@Malkuth lots of action been out and about despite covid 19. Meeting and interacting with women.


Yes. You over-reacted @blackadder. @ALMIGHTY was making a valid point about Lust for Results.

Hmmm… but the aggressiveness and intensity of your response also indicates that you may be heavily processing a lot of material right now.

Maybe that’s part of what’s going on. Damn, I’m just not sure.

My first instinct is to ask you what you think. When you look calmly at your current situation what do you think, (think, not fear), might be going on with processing your Ultima?


@Malkuth perhaps i was a bit overeactive towards Almighty I am sure he mean’t the best for me. I was just in a very arrogant mood not just with him but with others around me.

@ALMIGHTY lets call a truce (ba waves a flag :slight_smile:). I know your a good bloke and have shared your opinions from your heart…good bloke !!

Ohh and about The Purge isn’t that a movie where everyone gets to kill everyone else :smile:


Thank you for wanting to bring harmony between us. That was a cool way to interfere. I am going to learn from it in case I ever can do it. :wink:

All good brother. You’re a good bloke too. I hope you get all the results you want and more. I know you will, sooner or later.


@blackadder that’ was some strong reconciliation Brahh :joy:

@ALMIGHTY that was some smooth frame control brahh :pray:


@mercharc its not about reconciliation its about me being an arse hole to Almighty and realizing i was being an arse hole towards him. Ok lets get back on topic please before the mods arrive :slight_smile: