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Just keeping it real

Also it’s totally fine we’re all good. And I realize what I said may not sound so useful it’s just I realized this myself last night in a dream. I hope it helps people. Also put it in my journal.

And I’m having some of my better times because of all the clearing etc I’ve been doing. But yeah, everything is good. I hope we all get better and better, more and more enlightened every day.


@SaintSovereign @Fire

are there any research going on for Ultrasonics Only in the Ultima line of products?


There Ultima line is dual masked & ultrasonic. Each title/track contains both


We’ve already answered this, Ultima is a hybrid format only.


Oh Well …don’t blame me… You guys are getting us used to expecting the unexpected! :no_mouth:


That is so true lol


I didn’t expect Dragon Reborn . Just reading the sales page for the first time I could have cried tears of joy because this program is what I have been wanting for years often without really realizing it.


Check out the new module releases, @blackadder.

Chosen of Venus


I read a comment somewhere that BL amplifies the effect of other major subs. I am guessing you run it before running any of the major subs ?.


What is BL?


I’m guessing Beyond Limitless


Yup Beyond Limitless :slight_smile:


Been testing my ultima version of Khan stage 4 its f**king amazing. Two loops of this bad boy and nothing can stop me :smile:

What actually happened is SC accidently sent me a ultima build version of Khan stage 4 rather then Q.

Saint…God Bless him he said keep the ultima version and we will also send you the Q version.


Wait wait wait wait, what? Elaborate please, I need details. Are you joking because I can’t tell haha.

Khan Ultima :heart_eyes:
I’m too excited for the next advancements of the subs and can’t wait to upgrade to them.


Can you ellaborate on the effects as compared to Q


Please do @blackadder.

I’d love to know more. I’m actually jealous you have an Ultima version haha.
My God man, so jelly.

I can’t even imagine the effects you’d get in comparison considering Ultima is 2x the strength of Khan.

Also, what does your Khan Ultima stack consist of?


Except James from America


So what is in your Ultima Build? or Khan build?

Wait is it 20 modules?

I guess they want to see how it will work with being that dense and the results. I feel like you getting that was no accident lol.


Bro that is Legendary!!


@Brandon this is no joke originally i ordered the Q version of Khan stage 4 with the following modules

Seducer’s Gaze
Focused Arousal
I.Q. and Cognitive Booster
Epigenetics & DNA Modulation

They accidently sent me the ultima build version so i got back to them and they apologised and sent me the Q version. Saint said keep the ultima version i had it for weeks but never tested it till now.

Its basically Khan stage 4 on steriods.