Main Disc. Thread - Ultima


Are you sure? Feels a bit hilarious


Sounds like you are a test dummy lol


Bruh…I’m hella jelly.

What results? I’m jelly jelly.

I’m imagining all the majors I have no in Ultima build.

Even the customs I have/want in Ultima build.




I would NOT mind testing an experimental Khan ST4 :slight_smile:


Seconded. I’d use it as my Ultima every other day instead of using stage 4 in my stack a couple days a week to maintain my results.

I don’t know why but Ultima versions of subs we have and customs makes me too excited.


Wait, you ordered a 6 module Q custom? Isn’t the minimum on that 10?


And you did not even need Fortune’s Favourite, lucky you :smiley:


I think you may have gotten your wish in module pack 3… Chosen of Venus? What do you think?


He’s not joking, this actually happened. Q-Engineer was having a hard time with the new controls and sent out quite a few Ultimas that should’ve been Q’s, lol. We just told everyone whose order was wrong to enjoy their new Ultima and sent them the correct one.

Very much interested in seeing how this works for @blackadder, as we’d like to make more major programs in Ultima format. In fact, I think I’ve started to crack the code on how to make it work. :slight_smile:


Now, that sounds really promising to me. I was thinking about Khan in Ultima once I learnt on that technology power.


I’d love to see Emperor or Sex Mastery in Ultima.


If SubClub were a publicly-traded company, this is the kind of news that would send share prices through the roof :wink:


Do you think there will be a time when ALL titles will be in ONE single format/technology/build?

The Saint’s Fire


I totally missed this before,

you’ve been using a Khan Stage 4 ultima!? So when you say Khan that’s what you’ve been running not Q but Ultima. Pretty badass.

and you ordered a Q custom with only 7 modules!?


@blackadder please update us reguarly with this :joy: I need ultima titles in my life for main titles.

Saint getting me hype again.


@Azriel for me personally it brings me into state immediately. As I mentioned in my previous comments, I did not begin using till recently as I was not sure what to expect. For along time I was using the Q version. Then one day I decide to try the Ultima version and it worked extremely well. The only issue is hours later I am as horny as a dog on viagra. This doesnt help when you in a lockdown and cannot meet girls :smile:

Cannot remember the modules in it will check and get back to you.


That made me think of Saint Elmo’s Fire.

Which then led me to imagine the cover art featuring a very bad-ass Elmo.




@SaintSovereign do you think this list for my ultima boost my main so is too heavy?

main sub #1
Quantum limitless st4 core
Minds eye
Ultimate artist
Index gate
Ultimate music producer
Ultimate writer
Inner voice
Natural winner
New beginnings
Blue skies
Eye of the storm
Dream traveler
Deep sleep

Ultima #1:
Quantum limitless st4 core
Executive ultima core
Iq and cognitive booster
Information release


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