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An Ultima name embedded version of Dragon Reborn?


Isn’t ultima faSt acting and not for broad change, even with khan ?


It could be run to amplify whatever program is being done


Fortunately we already have ultima DR. Just needs name embedding.


Naw. Some people like masked. Some people like ultrasonic. Some like Ultimas. I would love to explore if Ultima could be the ONLY build, but we have a lot of customers that can’t listen to ultrasonics, even the very low volume ones you’d find in Ultima. We won’t abandon those people. Besides, choice is good. :slight_smile:


You guys are amazing. Thank you for continuing to offer the best you have yet always ensuring that everyone feels accepted and embraced in what they need/want with the latest technology.

Choice is amazing for sure.


This is good to hear, what to know even tho i think this has been ask before, but what the difference in results between ultrasonics and masked?


Aye, so that being out of option, do you think there will be a time where all the build methods, say, Ultima Plus and Q Plus. They both be of similar power level?


Could we know the reason, please? Does it cause them tinnitus or it’s some other issue? I’m asking since I’ve been struggling with tinnitus for years and I wouldn’t wish to worsen it. I listen to Ultima at the same volume level I listen to DR.


It depends on the person. It should be the same, but everyone is different. Ultrasonics give me OKAY results. Masked gives me much better, but only if I don’t listen too loudly. If the volume is too loud, I get bad reconciliation.


Tinnitus and ear pain, usually.


Ultima, being a hybrid, is always going to be much more powerful. That being said, we haven’t even maxed out the throughput of Ultima yet. Just started to experiment with that now. The way Ultima is built, theoretically, we can fit about eight times the amount of information as Q.

Sometime, in the near future, I want to make a massive Ultima built on Terminus Squared. Dunno if I wanna run it, though. lol.


Thank you. Could we listen to Ultima at a lower volume than we listen to Q without worrying about our results? I know it depends on the volume we use but anyways. Or maybe I should put it like this; does Ultima require the same volume to work effectively Q titles do?


I WILL DO IT! :wink:


I am down to run it if i get to pick the title lol an emperor or khan would be cool. Or maybe something like EoG

I am honestly down to do it regardless i like experimental titles




The ultima version of khan stage 4 has worked really really well for me. I recently put in a an order to upgrade my khan stage 4 with an additional 4 modules to be delivered as a q version.

I was tempted to make this upgrade an ultima however I was afraid that adding additional build modules might make it unstable. Do you think that having 9 modules added to your core will make the sub unstable ?.

Its interesting that I have NOT had any reconciliation using the ultima version where as the q version there were days where i felt agitated and uncomfortable.


So eventually is it possible you might allow us to make a custom ultima with more modules?


So how many total modules in your Ultima version of Khan that works well?


Eventually. Most likely once Ultima Plus is finished.