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Most likely. Then again, people are getting results from StarkQ Ultima, which is massive…


Which is probably a good while away close to summer time right lol. Or does it depend how quick or slow you guys discover and learn about new technology?


Not sure. I’ve already created the theoretical framework, and by that I mean, I’ve written down how I SHOULD be able to accomplish it, but I haven’t tried building it yet, nor tried making a script that could utilize that much power. I’m probably going to make the “kitchensink” build next week, where I just take a bunch of existing scripts just to practice making the build.


So once you have build Ultima Plus and Q Plus, the once who use Q Plus for any reason would sacrifice the results?


How massive cause i had a build with ql st4 and deus
I wanted to know if that was too muslch saint it in my old post to you?


Isn’t that more powerful or dense than T^2?


Would you let someone test out that kitchen sink lol?


It’s hard to explain. It’s more information, but being delivered in a way that shouldn’t overwhelm the subconscious the way T2 does.


What about this @SaintSovereign

Community help with custom subs


If I bought Primal seduction, do I need to pay more if I want ULTIMA title of PS?


Yes, but currently discounted.


This would be AWESOME!


I’m not noticing a huge response in myself to Ultima. Fortunately, I did observe a response to my Custom Ultima track. But, so far, I haven’t had the kind of galvanized, focused response that some have reported to Executive or Limitless Executive.

I’m going to run LE again shortly.

I’m trying to get through some low motivation, high volume work and want an extra push.

Wondered if it’s because my ongoing stack is already pretty dense.


I’m surprised, but maybe the custom ultima got you past the initial ultima high


I tried a bunch of them first. Beyond Limitless. Libertine. Dreams. Executive.

Didn’t feel a dramatic reaction or effect.

With Libertine, I played it and then found myself feeling more attracted to my wife as if she had played Libertine :joy:

DREAMS also had some effect. Enough that I thought I’d try a custom.

Played the custom for a week and then had one or two experiences of enhanced focus and flow of ideas that made me think it was working.

I don’t know. Maybe my mind just won’t react quickly to things. That would fit, I guess. Wish I knew what was going on.


Maybe you need more time to get used to the script?
Do you fee effects of Q same time?


Yes, I do feel the effects of Q programs. But then, those are intentionally built to be part of a more gradual process.

My clearest effects had previously been with Terminus builds. But now, I’m also feeling clear reactions to Quantum Limitless and (I believe) Alchemist, both standard Q build.

At any rate, I’ll just stay with it and see how things develop. Wouldn’t be surprised if my mind has a particularly strict review board that has to approve things before they’re allowed access to the subconscious. Again that sort of fits with how life has tended to feel to me.


Libertine give me very little results…but i also assume its mental blocks that cause this…what you think. With DR I can feel something even on one loop. So i assume we have blocks


After the awesome effects Elixir Ultima has given me, Im pretty decided to do a custom ultima based on Elixir, for mental/emotional and physical healing.


Health Codex

Im keeping a spot for the Love version of Libertine that Saint talked about.