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I believe Saint did mention SC might be coming out with an aura of love. Its what the world needs right now. Paraphrasing one of Chers lyrics “There’s not enough love in the world” :slight_smile:


This is the post


Thats it Joa !!! if Saint created this bad boy imagine how much it will change the world ? plus it will be a best seller. Will you be one of the testers ?.


I would me happy to test that beauty!!


If you’re going through reconciliation, adding loops of an Ultima-powered sub will have the opposite effect of what you’re trying to achieve.


That’s plausible. Thank you for the feedback.

I don’t have a very clear sense for reconciliation (in general).

But today for me is day 2 of a 10-day subliminal washout. Had dream recall and active dreams last night. That suggests…something.

The work project I’m dealing with is a periodic one that usually is something of a slog for me. But I’m getting through it.

Guess I’ll see how the Ultima experience evolves for me over time.


That great am on a wash out myself, today will make it day 8 of a 9 day washout, am actually departing on continuing it till my custom reach but ill just run my ultimas still, since ill be ordering them when i wanted to start the lol


Not sure if this has been answered, I’m assuming it has, is anyone alternating 2 Ultima’s one day after the other?

I want to use StarkU and The Executive on alternating days.


@Brandon So do it


I love your blunt love.

I want to, I’m just wondering how it’s working for other people or if they feel they need Ultima’s every day.


There is a joke there somewhere but I don’t see it


I was actually being serious, I love how blunt you are but it’s effective in my thinking. Even when you’re sarcastic.


I run up to two different Ultimas in a single day, no problem.


Thanks for letting me know it’s all good to use as I know in the manual it suggests just one. Didn’t want to go overboard.

Appreciate it man.


I wanna see an Emperor Ultima


Nothing stopping you from building emperor ultima however whether it will work for you is another matter.


This is a good point!


Waiting for that Wealth Ultima to drop :kissing_closed_eyes:


When are we going to get new ultima cores
Sex mastery and iron throne


Have you thought about making your own?

How about:

Positive Being Attractor – Wealth
Secrets of Akasha – Wealth
Financial Success Reality Shifter
Instant Business Tactician
Secret Source