Main Disc. Thread - Ultima


Currently waiting for my custom Q to be done, gonna test that out first, but yes that can be a future possible Ultima custom for sure, especially seeing as I left all the wealth modules out deliberately :wink:


I think you are up to something… and in a very good way!


Is male enhancement in primal seduction iron throne ultima? Is male enhancement in any of the other ultimas other than diamond?




Do you have a recommendation for a high quality speak, not headphones, for Ultima
preferably below $500.

Or if anyone else does for high quality speak (I’m assuming flat line) for Ultima, please post here.


M-audio A-31, they are inexpensive and pack really nice sound


Anyone using a JBL Bluetooth speaker or similar with Ultima? I’ve been running them and it seems like it’s working but I want to get some second opinions.

Using JBL Flip 4.


Use frequensee to see if the frequency is playing then you will be fine.


That’s what I thought but I don’t know if that’ll be the case as Ultima has a lower frequency due to the ultrasonic being with the masked version so I don’t think it’ll show up on Frequensee. I may be wrong though.


You right.
I assumed you talking about ultrasonic.


Frequency barely registers an Ultrasonic on Ultima on audio on the speakers I use, I tried putting it inside the senheiser and it didn’t really register it either, I figured it was my speakers for the former and it didn’t work like that for the later, but maybe the ultrasonic is just super low on Ultima or something


Out of curiosity…

Has anyone ran any Ultimas as a major program instead of as a booster?

If so, what was the Ultima and what were your results?


@SaintSovereign used BLU as a main. He’s gotten a lot of great results and it’s what led him to declare that it’s possible to run Ultimas as mains.


Yeah I was aware of Saint’s use of BLU, I just wondered if anyone else has too.

I’m wondering if how certain Ultimas like The Executive would be when used as a major program.

I’m just sorting out my stack as I’m reaching the end of my week with my experiment of Emperor.


My opinion is the executive is incomplete if used as a major program. Take action, but take action on what? This question is best answered through the main sub used.


I would imagine that using The Executive as a major program would enhance your productivity on everything. It won’t do you any good just to run it – you should be practicing something, working on a business, focusing on your career, working on your fitness, ANYTHING that requires focus.


You may want to ask @DarkPhilosopher as to why I have been advised not to run BLU that often


What about just getting daily shit done in general or a combination of what you mentioned?


I’m currently running Executive with Dragon Reborn to deal with the desire to do literally nothing on Dragon Reborn Stage One
As much as I might want to sitting around doing nothing isn’t an option in the long run


This worked…temporarily.


Do you have stuff you should or want to do but are not doing? Or do you not have stuff to do and DR is increasing this inertia ?