Main Discussion Thread - Ascension v2


V2 is scary powerful. I have been running it for the last couple of days in a stack with Mogul V2. I am becoming far more determined and driven than I have ever been


Hahah @Fire?


With S&S v2.1 Masked we will have a complete arsenal for self-transformation. Ascension v2.0, Ascended Mogul v2.0, Mogul v2.0 and other power MPs and SMs are already a life-changer for everyone. But right now, me, for example, using S&S v2 Masked even if it less advanced than 2.1 because most of time I’m outdoor. So, V2.1 Masked version is absolutely MUST right now to make stack complete.


I appeal to Fires good nature to build SS 2.1 masked :slight_smile:


Hopefully, SS 2.5 :wink:


Dmitry may I ask what your current stack is Please?


For seduction I use: S&S+Primal+Aura+Rebirth. For other different subs.


Have you added in ascend to the mix yet?


Maybe later :slight_smile: I feel that Ascension & AscMogul v2.0 are VERY potent.


Guys want to hear your insights. If i want to balance my dating life and continue to be a leader amongst men is this a good stack

Ascend × 2
Primal × 4
SS x 2

I thought reusing emperor but it might override SS.
AURA x 1


That is a beautiful stack for your goals @blackadder

I’d add Rebirth 1x there too. And it will be complete.


I would add that new limit destroyer stack module.


Thanks guys I want to have the most productive stack possible based on my 8 hour sleep window. Aura and rebirth are a good idea. As well as limit destroyer but i want to fit in all my listening in 8 hours.


Just something to consider: How about destroying all the limits and obstacles first, then adding Aura later?

Set up a really solid base on which to build on.

Just an idea, maybe worth trying?


@Hoppa Excellent idea do you think it would be wise to run primal only for the first month? Or mix primal and just SS only for one month then layer on aura ?


When Primal was first released, I have ran it exclusively for 20 hours a day for a full 20 days.
One of the best things I’ve ever done. It wasn’t always so easy, some days I felt drained by kept going on.
It really changed me, it made me a different man.
Before that, I ran SS for 30 days. Primal had a much deeper effect.


@AMASH I am probably over thinking. Will run Primal just for now for a month. Then will layer on SS and the aura later. Thanks


@blackadder Just so you know, I find running Rebirth once in the morning and once at night make the results from Primal much more pronounced.

And 3x Libertine SuperCharger in the morning made a big difference.

So if you can run Primal 90% of the time, and add 2x Rebirth and 3x Libertine SuperCharger, your results will be much much better.


I’d do what @AMASH recommends, although maybe I would test the new Limit destroyer too.

AFAIK it’s the limiting beliefs and emotional blocks that prevent all the positive stuff from subliminals and other tools from working.

But this is pure theory and kb jockeying on my part, so I would take it with a grain of salt :stuck_out_tongue:


Experimentation and theory is the heart of Subliminal Club. Your thoughts and ideas are always welcome here and it makes me excited to see this type of convo going on — it’s what @Fire and myself always wanted to happen.