Main Discussion Thread - Aura (Stacking Module)


Doesn’t change much - at the end you will have the same combination.

But, of course, perhaps for you individually something might be different, so experiment.


I would personally go with something like this. But like @Fire said, everyone is different.


AURA is available:


I am personally excited about this. I will add it to my playlist right now.

Thank you @Fire and @SaintSovereign for being all around great guys and true innovators. Your work makes a big big difference in our lives.


I picked up Aura and put a loop after 1 loop of Ascension twice


I am curious about this since it’ll show effects on others.

Edit: I took Aura out of the playlist since I’m doing some healing work with Rebirth and Ascension, and Aura seemed like too much presently


AURA feels to me slightly stronger than Rebirth. I feel dizzy after listening to it. I think 1-2 times a day is a safe goal, more than this and it feels like it is too much.


are aura&rebirth come with masked version or ultrasonic only ?


Both Ultrasonic and Masked are included with Rebirth and AURA.


I appreciate it’s early days still I would love to hear any feedback so far on the aura stack if any :blush:


Aura makes my head dizzy a little bit. Really haven’t been out too see it’s effectiveness though.


Have you ever got effect of any aura of the subliminal?
I wonder what Aura is. Seems not so scientific


Considering it’s a intentionally low cost priced 9.99 product, you’re welcome to test, and report back. If you get no results, we offer a 30-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.


I am curious about the masked version being 10 minutes longer than the ultrasonic one, is there a special reason for that?


There is :wink:


So is the Masked more powerful than the Ultrasonic, or the reason is not related to results?


Sorry if it sounded offensive I am not saying specially the subliminal program called AURA is not scientific. What I was saying was aura itself. I heard that subliminal is effective and it is scientific. I am curious what aura is or is there explanation about it


No offense taken or meant by my response. I’m just pointing out that the best way to discover more about the program is to run it and see what happens.

Auras are indeed real—even if you only consider it in the context of the feeling others get from you as a result of your body language, speech patterns, etc.


I agree, I notice the Aura more in terms of other people’s reactions to me rather than me feeling “weird” or different in my body.

@SaintSovereign what experiences did you have that made you believe in the power of Auras? And since you are a seasoned Subliminal user who has been through all kinds of experiences, what did you notice when you stacked the Aura SM?


Lol. Where to begin? Honestly, you’ll have to ask me in a specific context. I don’t know how to answer this question because I’ve had so many experiences. I think we first have to define “aura.” To me, it’s focused energy and intention projected into the immediate area around you. That can mean many things. It can, indeed be an energetic aura that conveys information somehow. Or, it can be body language, voice intonation, facial expression – etc., that ALSO conveys information somehow. So, the idea of an aura all boils down to the transmission of information from one person to another without overtly stating the information.

As a devout mental alchemist, I’ve experimented and used auras for years. I’m not sure why the “skeptical science” types are all so against the concept – at the core, it’s literally just focused energy. It’s already been proven multiple times that the human body can perform almost supernatural feats with enough focus and practice. Why is directing your natural energy flow so unbelievable?

As for stacking Aura SM, I haven’t been able to stack it. My subliminal stack is already draining as it is, and it drives me to work almost non-stop. I’ve experienced the aura in Emperor, however, multiple times. Walking into rooms and people immediately stop talking and deferring to me. I even told the President / Owner of the multi-million dollar company I work for to be quiet and listen just the other day – and he did.


Ok. So the Aura is equal to what advanced PUAs call: Subcommunications? They always stress that is where attraction and desire happens, not in the words you say.

I am doing this now with women who start to act crazy. Before, they’ll just ignore it and get even more inflammatory. Now, they just calm down and defer to me. I can’t even believe it. I feel the same, just stronger and calmer, and they don’t respond the same at all.

So, if I understood this correctly, each of the Major Programs will manifest differently for each user? For example, if my concept of a Primal man is a calm, collected and comfortable with his sexuality, I will become more and more that. And if someone’s conception of a Primal man is different, like a French Lover full of poetic words and who enjoys touching women in a more French suave way, the other person will become that, and it will get him great results but we will not appear to be the same on the surface.

That sounds great. Now I understand what the sales copy talked about with unleashing the Primal man prisoner inside each one of us. For each of us, then, the Primal man will manifest totally different based on what we value and our nature. For some, it is a fiery sexual being, for others it is a powerful commanding sexual man, and for others it is a suave lover. Is my understanding correct?