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How is everyone doing with the aura module ? Is it helping to make women more inviting to romance and conversation ?.

Does anyone do cold approaches ? If so how has the aura module helped translate these encounters to dates ?


@ [SaintSovereign]

Hello , I’m a first-time potential user , and I’m looking to purchase “Aura” and “LImitation Destroyer”

  1. Can both be used in conjunction / in parallel with your competitor’s products e.g. Subshop , youtube etc to boost effectiveness of their products ? Will they conflict with competitors ? (assuming competitors products has no “auric” component in their scripting)

  2. If I instead used “Aura” and “Limitation Destroyer” as pure standalones (and not stack them at all with other of your products) will they be effective and/or work at all ?

Many thanks.


We don’t recommend it. Our subliminals were made with the ability to stack with themselves. Moreover, we do not know what other companies/creators put in their subliminals.

They will work, but we strongly recommend to run them with a major subliminal. They are specifically made for stacking and enhancing a part of the scripting of a major subliminal.


Thanks Fire, duly noted.


@Fire @SaintSovereign

Will Aura work on non-relationship items like luck and success ? It seems like you’ve both designed this to work on seduction/interpersonal scenarios only ?


Any feedback on Aura having been over a month ?

Cheers !


The aura moduke from what i unferstand hooks into a major program and performs its magic.

For example it might hook into limitless and send out frequencies to attract a mentor.

Likewise it may hook into emperor and amplify status.

The aura moduke has builtin intelligence as it morphs depending on the host.


@blackadder Thanks blackadder - So you’ve pretty much reinforced my previous suspicion - that this module only works on personalities and relationships i.e. elevating one’s own status, attracting mentors/girls/boys/people of authority etc :slight_smile:

@Fire @SaintSovereign
Looks like it doesn’t work directly i.e. Aura does not “amplify” fortune/luck/success (non relationship type items) then ?


Does aura also have some programming to protect from negativity , like it is there in Alchemist 3 ?


To an extent, yes. Not as profound as Alchemist’s stuff.


Anyone using Aura Q?? Im thinking about giving my stack some extra spice
Since its a stack its 30 minutes long right?

The only stack Ive ever tried is Sanguine, very good btw. I dont know why but Ive only focused in main programs.


This one is 60 minutes long. :blush:


Thanks @Simon!! 60 minutes is a little taxing for my current stack.
Im gonna leave that one for later.


I don’t actually use this, but really curious why this is now the size of a full program. What’s new in it?


It’s got some enhanced scripting to make it more potent, but I may be able to get it back down to 30 minutes. The thing is, you’ll only need one loop instead of four in your stack, so it still saves time.


Terminus Aura surely would be interesting. My daily ritual practice allows me to clear and clean my aura, whilst expanding, protecting and reinforcing it.

Consciousness gets expanded exponentially, where normally your awareness is solely focused on a few meters around a physical vessel, after the rituals it gets expanded and reaches at least 10 meters in all direction around the body. Does Aura contain scripting to expand your sphere of awareness as being mentioned above. Which leads into the next question, is there also scripting to prevent negativity from breaching this expanded Aura?

Out of pure curiosity and experimentation I want to give this module a few tries. Although, I’ve always preferred the 30-minute in length versions of stacking modules. Is the second half of the 1-hour in length script, simply a repetition or does it contain different scripting? In other words, after having listened to a total of 30-minutes will have been exposed to the entire script or do I need to listen to the entire 1 hour of length?

Looking forward to 15 minute Terminus versions of Stacking Modules, nonetheless. :slight_smile:

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If i wasn’t so focused on khan and shark-t i’d defiantly add aura to my stack. Only have room for so much though


There should be multiple repetitions in the script. The 60 minute is because that’s what Saint tells Q and to ensure you get enough exposure. But I suppose you can get away with 30 minutes as long as you get the full 30 minutes.


Then why did they make Aura double the length compared to other Stacking Modules?


To make the aura more obvious. You can do 30 minutes, but Aura Q really shines at an hour.

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Or amp up the power?