Main Discussion Thread - Aura (Stacking Module)


be nice to have aura-t or the next level up from that


I vote terminus aura too !


What if one’s aura become strong enough that it makes others feel suppressed and chases them away? I mean, how powerful should we make the Aura module?

It’s nice in public transit though. Unless I invite you, stay out of my space! :slight_smile:


Hey everyone, I discovered this website just about yesterday. Knew about subliminals for a while. From what I understand people here have positive reviews about subliminalclub subs and looks you guys quality products to choose from. I have couple questions however, how long to listen when purchasing one? Is it the normal 30-90 days? And I’ve learned that once like Aura cannot be purchased alone and HAVE to go with main sub? I’m on the journey of celibacy/semen retention and it already gives me all the benefits (energy, respect, aura, magnetism) but I’m looking long term and want to enhance them more with subliminals. Also what is S&S? Most likely my first purchase will either be limitations or aura. Maybe both if I can listen to them. And how long is each program sub?


I will answer this one for you here. If you want answers to the other questions, please create a thread in the Questions and Comments, not this one.

Every major/main subliminal has its own aura generation scripts. The Aura module is meant to enhance/amplify the script that is already present in the other modules. Hance we call it a “stacking” module, you stack it with a major program.

Does that mean Aura will do nothing for you? Maybe, maybe it will enhance whatever aura you have now.

But generally, especially if it is your first Subliminal Club sub, it is recommended you add this on top of one of the major programs.

PS Celibacy and semen retention don’t necessarily have to go together. That said, good for you on maintaining it.


That is a cool thought.

I guess that how it would work would be that it would repel incompatible people, while strongly attracting compatible ones.

It’s pretty interesting to think about that.


An aura is a natural phenomenon. Or possibly a natural metaphorical paradigm (if you view it as more of a symbolic construct than a bioenergetic one).

It is the energetic expression of one’s being, one’s qualities, one’s character, one’s internal, constituent processes. It’s the way one’s nature reaches out to connect, engage with, and influence the world around one.

The most natural thing in the world really.

You already have one, but it’s just that if you have not been living particularly intentionally then it’s likely that your aura may have many aspects that you would think of as really problematic. Which is why we work to grow and change.

I think of the Aura subliminal as functioning like a microphone or an amplification and broadcast system. Whatever your aura is will be clarified, amplified and broadcast more powerfully. That in itself would be one good reason to stack it with another subliminal. (Gives you a little more input into what exactly is being amplified.)

Like all of the statements about subliminals this is basically a guess. I don’t know what’s in the scripts, but this is just what makes sense to me.


Gave Aura Q a shot yesterday, I must admit it truly does shine at 1 hour. Actually this stacking modules kind of surprised me, I didn’t expect it to be so effective and potent at what it does. Aura Q gave me a very outgoing, attractive vibe and amazing charisma; many enhancements on top of my Stark Q attitude.

Any of the stacking modules are phenomenal, I’m using all of them, at there appropriate times.


It will certainly make people adhere to the 1.5 metre rule :rofl: