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Soon , I will more deeply share my experience with DREAMS and Primal Seduction. Few words before then - intense, deep, lifechanging. Literally: I know what I want->Sub does something ELSE, what I want!->F*ck! that was EXACTLY what I wanted in first place! It seems your subs deal with TRUTH behind any neurotic expectations. As a result: trust increases a lot, even in harsh time of transition/identity change.

Question about Daredevil: does it contain Primal & Sex & Seduction scripting? Sorry if I missed it somewhere but it seem good to ask once again because I had a feeling that Daredevil is a variation to Primal at first place (not Primal Seduction but pure Primal). And another question: will Primal, and Sex & Seduction, Aura, Limitless be released updated with New Dawn? Thanks!


Is the Limitless module in DareDevil ?


Most likely - to learn about social dynamics and stuff.
I think it’s been in the Standard script for pretty long, though :wink:


What would be the suggested loops for daredevil taking into account my existing stack is

X2 Rebirth
X6 Emperor
x4 Primal

Goals to develop myself as a team leader in the workplace to continue to focus on my dating life. Which means having to be social hence throwing in DareDevil to the mix.


The release is today I can’t wait
What time is it gonna be?


Daredevil now available under My Account --> Downloads.



Thanks @Fire and @SaintSovereign! Let try how devil I will turn!


I do have a question, because I can’t see the moduls added in daredevil, does it contain something to help with seduction and flirtng, if you don’t add primal or Sex and Seduction into the mix, or will it make you “just” social care free?


While listening to Daredevil for the first time I noticed I started to feel emotional, and started to feel sensations around the heart. I was afraid that with the help of this sub I would be able to get close to people. This is something I really want, but at the same time I don’t want because I’m scared to open up to other people.

Does Daredevil has a healing module that helps to remove blockages that could hinder your social life? It almost has to be, looking at my first reaction.

Anxious to see how this will develop :grinning:


Hi ! I discovered your website not long ago and bought Daredevil. I listened to it 3 times today already and I can say … the greatest anti stress subliminal I have so far heard ! After 3 loops I feel super calm, not an ounce of stress in my body and I feel warm. My back pain is lower now.
Question 1 : Will it be efficient with public speaking ? or is it only social interactions in bars etc. ?
Question 2 : Can it be used by my wife also or is it only male oriented ?
Question 3 : can it be stack with Mogul also ?


Yes, it will help with public speaking.

While Daredevil is a bit more unisex than for example Emperor, it still has masculine only scripting, so I wouldn’t advise for your wife to listen to it. Nothing bad will happen of course if she does.

Finally, yes, it can be stacked.


@Fire can we have a module list for it? (Prime is also missing the modules). this would really help with stacking when you know what is already included.


I would also really like to see the module lists back. I think they are very useful in helping to decide which subliminal you want to be running. The module list gives a more specific idea of what the subliminal is targeting.


+1! I agree with this and hope for it as well.


Alright, we’ll add it. :wink:


I am seeing that the product is out of stock. When will I be able to buy it?


Daredevil isn’t out of stock. I guess you are at the pre order page of Daredevil. That will indeed say it’s out of stock, because you can’t pre order anymore.


Thanks man.


Do you guys think it’s a good choice to stack Daredevil with Primal Seduction and Ascended Mogule?
@AMASH @SaintSovereign


What is your goal @Orion?
And for how long have you been running PS + AM?