Main Discussion Thread - Daredevil


Are you meditating while listening true social or just listening?


Some times I meditate on TS, but not always


Maybe try to do 2x True social and both times meditate. I always get better results from superchargers when i meditate


So you’re suggesting that I don’t switch to Daredevil just yet?


I just remembered that you dont have to meditate with true social. How long you are using it?


To be honest, I have probably used True Social for at max 4 or 5 days out of the 27 days into my Khan journey.
Because of my Exams, My goal intended Stack " Khan, Mogul, TS" has been swapped with “ST1 when i’m idle and ST4 when i’m studying”. I will restart my original stack from the 20th onwards.

This is probably reconciliation that is making me look into other subs to add/replace.


Does Daredevil/True social have scripting for manifesting love/lovers/women/sex ?


I don’t think so. Woman and sex may be a byproduct. As DD makes you social and raises your status.