Main Discussion Thread - Daredevil


Are you meditating while listening true social or just listening?


Some times I meditate on TS, but not always


Maybe try to do 2x True social and both times meditate. I always get better results from superchargers when i meditate


So you’re suggesting that I don’t switch to Daredevil just yet?


I just remembered that you dont have to meditate with true social. How long you are using it?


To be honest, I have probably used True Social for at max 4 or 5 days out of the 27 days into my Khan journey.
Because of my Exams, My goal intended Stack " Khan, Mogul, TS" has been swapped with “ST1 when i’m idle and ST4 when i’m studying”. I will restart my original stack from the 20th onwards.

This is probably reconciliation that is making me look into other subs to add/replace.


Does Daredevil/True social have scripting for manifesting love/lovers/women/sex ?


I don’t think so. Woman and sex may be a byproduct. As DD makes you social and raises your status.


would daredevil stack well with ev4?


That question came up with v3 as well. Some say it compensates quite well for Emperor’s anti-social tendencies, other say that will weaken Emperor, and some claim it’s a lot to handle considering neither are small subs. But no definite answer besides to give it a try.


I do agree with DarkPhilosopher, there was no clear answer so for example I am trying it. It’s a bit difficult to compare if it’s weakening Emperor’s benefits, however I do have noticed my social interactions have slowly been improving. It’s really been less than a week I’m trying this stack.

I suggest also you try for yourself.


I feel that Inner Circle is a perfect companion to Emperor.


I tried the social king ultrasonic; which is daredevil shortened, at work today instead of primal as a test. Soo much different, more relaxed confident voice, more social interest from others. I think daredevils more of what im looking for since im naturally more introverted and socially uncalibrated.
Although I’ll try not to lose the primal swag walk :smile:


Whoa, Social King can work that fast OVERNIGHT?!
How many ultrasonic loops you did?

I’m interested!


seemed like it worked in real time when I played it in my shirt pocket at work, although im realizing ultrasonics make me feel a bit lethargic and headachy so id rather just use masked. Finding a pair of wired earbuds that last is another issue, maybe subclub should make some.


Wanting to hook up a friend with Daredevil but I’m wondering if it contains ascension?

Daredevil would really match his personality, like me we’re both very social and talkative. His interested in enjoyment, social attractiveness, getting more sexual partners. Everything Daredevil contains but I’m wondering whether or not it contains seduction and ascension scripting as otherwise I’d probably tell him to get ascension and maybe something seducing as well. Although that would be overkill for him.

I look forward to any answers on this, can’t wait to open my friends mind with these subliminal experiences.

@Fire, @SaintSovereign could any of you elaborate?


It does have significant scripting, but it’s not AS focused as something like Primal Seduction. That being said, let him try Daredevil solo first and if he needs more, add Primal Seduction.


How about ascension, is it in there?


Yes it does.


So Ascension is included in Daredevil? The way the thread went I wasn’t quite sure what the answer to that was.