Main Discussion Thread - DREAMS


I noticed that dreams still has the presale status, so will it be released today or not? @SaintSovereign


It comes out the day after usually


I know, but I read that Saint Sovereign is sick right now, so I thought there might be some delay, because he makes the superchargers


What time will be released?


Yes, DREAMS will be a bit delayed while we catch up with everything.

Good news is, @SaintSovereign is slowly but surely feeling better, so it won’t be long. :slight_smile:


Will it not be released today?


Be patient man


@Fire is right. DREAMS will be delayed. And that’s a good thing – trust me, you didn’t want me to working on it with the way I felt last week.


Get well soon man. How do you like division 2?
Hopefully get dreams sometime this week or next but your health is more important right now.


Division 2 is one of the better games I’ve played, but it could be because I’ve pretty much played the entire game with my girlfriend and a friend of work. It’s much better when you know your teammates and can have a blast talking crap while playing. We’re reaching the end game now and it’s getting a bit tedious, but it’s still a good way to unwind for an hour or so at the end of the day.

DREAMS will most likely arrive this weekend. I’m feeling much better, outside of a crazy nagging cough.


Ugh those nagging coughs are the worst especially after a week and it just won’t go away lol.
Ya i agree i much rather play with people i know and have mics then randoms that don’t communicate and have no clue wtf is going on lol.

You should try anthem when you get a chance it is pretty fun. I need to hop on the Division 2 but sadly none of my friends bought it lol.


How long do you have a specific time? I’m sorry, you got sick, man. I hope you’il be better soon.


Maybe you can give us a surprise tonight to satisfy us.


Be honest. Is this your way of asking for a free Division 2 key? :smiley:


Lol have you tried it?


DREAMS should be ready by the deadline, right? and now just publish something to do. PRIMAL SEDUCTİON was released. I guess you didn’t complete DREAMS because you gave weight to PS.
And of course, there is a disease.
I hope you will recover as soon as possible.


I was very excited on the release date, but this happens :frowning: On the other hand, people can still buy it for the “pre-sale price”, which is pretty fair.


Fire and Sovereign remind me of Starsky and Hutch.


Get better soon Sovereign! I was anticipating DREAMS but it’s not a big deal if we wait a couple of days.


DREAMS will be released Sunday, April 7.

@Ebru I didn’t finish DREAMS because I was bedridden for a week – point blank, period. I wasn’t in any condition to be working on anything and I wasn’t going to release a shitty product for the sake of getting it out. A week delay isn’t that bad, and it’ll be well worth the wait.