Main Discussion Thread - DREAMS


Script submitted to voice actress last night. Polishing off the music track now. You’re in for a treat. :wink:


Will he be released tomorrow?


You don’t know what patience is do you? lol
Saint said this past week that it should be released sometime this coming week. So it could be tomorrow or monday or tuesday or any other day. But just relax and let it be finished.


So it should be released on this date, hold your excitement just a bit longer. :wink:


I’m not impatient, man. I’m only asking if there are any glitches on the days of the specified dates.


to ask these questions is perceived as a bad thing?


No, it’s not bad.


Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait one more day. While reviewing the vocal track, I discovered that the voice actress made a number of mistakes. Normally, it wouldn’t be an issue – I’d just remove the offending sections, but this would compromise the quality of the program. I’ve asked her to record the track, but it’s 2:30a where she is. Please be patient in waiting one more day.

In other news, the backing track and underlying subliminal tracks are outstanding. I can’t wait to use this program myself.


Relax! Just have some Dreams! I believe you guys help very much to our personal development that simply has not sense to be in a hurry.




Will he be released today? Is there a problem? Thank you…z



Hahahah :slight_smile: Good Replic


Yes, it’s coming today.


20:00 PM? :slight_smile:


DREAMS is now available. Please give it a few minutes to show up in your account. The Dream Journal will be uploaded tomorrow afternoon.


Will the pre-order bonus, Into Distant Worlds ,be released then as well?


Into Distant Worlds is now available.


Simple. Clever questions. Beautiful music, very beautiful. Powerful. Well done, guys. Let’s see the effects during nights.

Saint, are you sure that script writing is the only one, and not musical production as well? :slight_smile:


I intend on doing both within the next 3 years. :wink: