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when will the dreams journal be out


First night of listening and I had literally no dreams. Usually Emperor makes me dream a lot, but nothing tonight. I guess it takes a little bit of time to kick in, right? :smile:

Other than that - amazing track with great, deep questions!
Looking forward to see the journal.


Was fairly surprised at the philosophical nature of it at times, quite interesting and different from the other superchargers I listened to. I had a dream that I could not remember but it felt profound(?) in a sense.


As did I. I remember vivid colors, a feeling of “energy,” and it felt important.

Nothing I can remember.


Your lucidity and memory will improve over time simply by listening on the regular.

The dream journal will make the process faster.


Is it safe to listen to Dreams before bed and then to other subs over the night?
I thought is not optimal because instead of dreaming about the “deep questions”, in theory, you should be dreaming about the things you hear in the other sub overnight.


That’s a great question!

I’d have to remove DREAMS from my playlist, if it’s true, because I listen to subs mostly at night.


Yes – that would actually enhance the program. The deep questions are there for those who aren’t running other subliminals, and the whole point of them is to make you dwell on your life and experiences. When mixed with your stack, the questions will act as a synergistic “modifier” of sorts. When I tested this, it resulted in very vivid dreams.


@SaintSovereign : What does synergistic “modifier” means in plain English? :thinking:


Any word on when the journal will be available?


Yes, ASAP. Apologies, everyone. I had yet another very serious medical emergency this week that took me away from everything – Subliminal Club, film, day job. That emergency has now resolved (or seems to be resolving) and we’re back to action.


Dreams works well with whatever stack you’re using.


Glad you are doing better :slight_smile: Hope it sticks this time!


Any updates on the dream journal


Does anyone know how to do the journaling, and how to “read” from the dream journal? Seems like we won’t get the journal any time soon, so let’s figure it out on our own :smiley:


The journal is coming. I hired a small design agency to expand our prototype into a much more professional product, and apparently, they just got a huge contract and diverted all their resources to that client, screwing over the rest of us. Instead of just telling the truth, they’ve been giving us the run around, when I could’ve just designed the thing myself. We have fired the agency and requested a refund on the deposit, which they just sent to us.

That being said, I have taken off Wed, Thurs and Friday of this week from my day job, and will be taking those days to focus solely on Subliminal Club, including putting together the journal myself.


Any updates


@Fire is on it as we speak.


Any update on journal? DREAMS is remarkable sub, it supercharges my dreams, they become very dense with symbolic information that I, most time, fail to interpretate. And yes DREAMS seems supercharge healing component of any sub.


Wondering the same thing, it’s really been a while