Main Discussion Thread - DREAMS


Same here. I hope this gets completed soon. I know you guys are busy. Right now I just write what I remember down on a notebook.


any updates on the journal


I am thinking of getting “Dreams” as my dreams get wilder and more insightful with khan st4. Really starting to research this topic. Does anyone know good dream interpretation books he could recommend?
Also was the journal being shared yet or when does it come?


Would Dreams help with EOG? Also would it come with the pre-order bonus subliminal?


Journal is coming this weekend.


This is great news! My subconscious is literally outpouring dreams but most of time I can’t accurately understand what them symbolize.


The DREAMS Journal is now available! Grab it from My Account --> My Downloads. If it’s not available for you, send me your order number for DREAMS in a PM and I’ll send it. Thanks!


So I understand this…the “Into Distant Worlds” sub will install the skills of being a Lucid Dreamer???


Yep, that’s the intention.


I just sold some Stellar Lumens I got for free. will be buying my next sub once that comes in. Are there both Masked and Ultrasonic versions for the “Into Distant Worlds” sub?


Into Distant Worlds is an ultrasonic only bonus


A bonus for which subliminal? I’m quiet interested in this one. I’m wondering how it would improve my lucid dreaming experiences.



So upon buying this “Into Distant Worlds” comes with it? I’m not really interested in the supercharger itself.


No, it doesnt. It was a bonus for pre-orders.


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Running DREAMS for about a week now.

Dreams I remembered and journaled.

31.01.2020 - 7 dreams.
01.02.2020 - 3 dreams.
02.02.2020 - 7 dreams.
04.02.2020 - 5 dreams.
05.02.2020 - 1 dream (horror).
06.02.2020 - 5 dreams.
07.02.2029 - 10 dreams.

This supercharger is phenomenal!

It will be cool to have a technique to smoothly convert dreams into movie scripts :smile:


@Dmitry - really cool. Any dreams of the erotic kind?


After I managed to organize second threesome party (FFM) since 2020 start, sexual theme is present in almost every dream cycle, but most dreams are about self-development i.e. shadow work, parts retrieval and etc.


Do you journal your dreams?