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Yes, I do but I don’t use lengthy descriptions. Just one, two sentences just like anchors to remember later.

I must thank you for this question :smile: I just came home and was thinking about something I can’t remember… your question reminded me about one of my dreams today: one of the figures in my dream said to me: You’re perfectionist, allow yourself to let go of it and the things will start moving in right direction. Right now, I’m going to do a special process to adress my perfectionism.


Speaking as a customer, I do think there should be more stuff by SubClub about dreams. Maybe a v2 of this supercharger, or a small module designed to run as a loop during the night to trigger lucid dreaming and dream recall, things like that.

It may be present in most subs, but the area of dreams should really get some more love.

Second threesome party, eh? Did you notice it’s only kinky the first time? :wink:


I absolutely agree with this.

I personally didn’t have a lot of success with Dreams so would love to try an updated version. And a lightweight sub to run as you sleep would be awesome.


My first ffm was in 2009 and yes, it is NOT SIMILAR to pornhub version :sweat_smile:

I was like manager during business meeting or like a juggler with oranges :blush: not an easy thing to organize.

Now it seems much simplier. As usual, Style’s cheat code is working here: suggest to make four hand massage to start with :slight_smile:

Update to Dreams:

08.02.2020 - 8 dreams.
09.02.2020 - 7 dreams.

It seems my subconscious likes the idea that I’m paying attention to its products - dreams. And I’m starting to refer to subconscious not as separate entity but as whole, we -> Me.

Let’s see what comes next…


Hi guys, this is my first post on these forums.

Just wanted to say that I’m pretty impressed with Dreams so far!

I bought Dreams on the 7th and have already experienced a lucid dream a few days ago. I previously tried lucid dream subs on youtube for a couple months, but the most they did was give me long, vivid dreams.

For a while my dreams actually got less vivid and I barely remembered them when I switched to this sub. I suspect this is because my mind had to reprocess the new affirmations, and also I’m running StarkQ + UA at night and they tend to make me feel exhausted and too drowsy to get up and journal. I hope eventually the vividness will return over time too.

Just a question, are the ultrasonic parts of these superchargers being upgraded to Q or is it a different tech so it isn’t necessary?


@Fractal - unfortunately superchargers cannot be updated by just running it through a machine (which is how Q is made). Since it is personally made using voice actors, I don’t think they will be updated at the moment. They are powerful enough as they are now.


This really answered some important questions I had; I recommend watching it when you are running DREAMS or are serious about working with your dreams in general.

By the way, I am looking forward to see how Ultima Dreams turns out. Fingers crossed for Lucid Dreaming/conscious dreaming/ astral dreaming scripting included in it :crossed_fingers:


I’m curious as to whether DREAMS ultima would have its direction changed significantly. I know I mentioned Lucid Dreaming X before, which would be fairly different from what DREAMS currently does but if DREAMS Ultima is more oriented towards LDs all the time then I’d be interested!


Watch, Dreams Ultima will be the equivalent of a mild mushrooms trip


Good, the I finally have something to compare it to. :wink:

Here’s to wishing for finally getting a lucid dreaming & dream recall booster!


I simply love DREAMS for…ehhh, dreams and intuition improvement. I guess that DREAMS Ultima will be a mind-blowing experience and additional companion for Alchemist.


lol, Ultima is already giving me the craziest of dreams just by the build method in itself, guess what would happen if the script itself is dream related… :exploding_head:


Imagine being able to do this with DREAMS Ultima:


Time seemingly moves faster when you’re in the dream state because it is a higher dimension. So you can dream one hour and only be unconscious for a few minutes, it really depends on how high in the planes your reach.

Using dream time towards your advantage to learn skills, adventure or experience other planes is one of the most beneficial skills a human can learn to master.

Did that guy just go into Limbo bro? :grin:


Yellow Millet Dream 黃梁夢 is another old story about this.


I wish I could take something back from my dream.


So I analyzed my dreams today and I came to the conclusion that my subconscious deals with two things currently:

  1. Fear of having done wrong decisions
  2. Disappointment in myself for not being on my game in the last days.

What shall I do now with that information? Did my subconscious already work on these thoughts and emotions and got rid of them or is it a sign that I need to work on it?


Sweet DREAMS are made of this
Who am I to disagree?
I traveled the world
And the seven seas
Everybody’s looking for something

In case this wasnt in this thread yet…


I wont be able to stop listening to this song when I get my hands on Dreams Ultima :joy:


Several things. Once you become lucid with DREAMS Ultima, interface with your subconscious and dive deeper into these things more!