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Haha yeah, that might become a possibility in future

But this is a conscious process when fully awake for now


Please add extra scripting to the Ultima version to help with dream interpretation: You just instantly understand what the subconscious is telling you


I will just become lucid and then start talking with my subconscious directly.


You won’t reach that level of lucidity everyday, not even with Dreams Ultima


Heh we’ll see. Perhaps the subconscious will talk to me in the form of a character, or something of that nature.


Why not have the subconscious show up Morpheus-in-the-Loader style and simply tell you what it wants to tell you? :slight_smile:


Extra scripting for that too, pls! :slight_smile:


What I’m mainly shooting for is lucid dreaming everyday!


What I’m shooting for is to become lucid in the dream we call life and begin manipulating it.

Hey, a guy can dream, right? :slight_smile:

I actually don’t know if it’s possible or advisable to be lucid every time you go to sleep. Even if so, you’d definitely need to get enough sleep.

My subconscious and I actually do converse. Not like two people over a game of chess, but there’s a definite communication going on. Often when I’m about to do something that is opposed to my wants/goals, I get a flash of a James Bond type character in my mind’s eye and a sense of disapproval that automatically translates into understanding. Then I can steer the other way.


I am not sure where you got this perception that there is a danger to this. That is well beyond what I have considered as a possibility. In addition, I am aware of one person who has all dreams as lucid dreams.


I never said it was dangerous, did I?

On the other hand, if you keep overwriting all your dreams, you may miss out on some important communication. I also know of lucid dreamers that find daily practice to become exhausting after some time, they just want to get a nice mental rest.

If I’ve had lucid dreams, I can’t remember them. I do wonder if the first thing I would do is to have sex or if I’d use it for something more productive.


Sex, eating and flying it is for me


True, you simply expressed doubt in whether it is advisable.

This is possible. I am certain that a lucid dreamer would have the ability to have the dream become not lucid.

I have had a few lucid dreams. Did quite a few random things. The more ‘productive’ stuff needs to happen once dream stability and control is better established.


Eating? Next thing somebody will say they’re taking the time during their dream to take the most satisfying dump of the week. :slight_smile:

For me, sex is definitely up there for a while. I would also create a meditative paradise. Or create a movie of sorts of the storyline that’s been in my head for decades.

From what I hear, sex lucid dreams are tricky. Once you get too excited, you pop out of it. Seems… anti-climactic.


Indeed. It is almost laughable to think of attempting this before the lucid dreaming foundational techniques are established. Never attempted doing this because I knew my dream stability still needed more work and it would be a waste of a dream to try this too early.


I must say the orgasms in your dreams are very profound… well sometimes you actually orgasm

Maybe I am weird but I just find it immensely satisfying to have a whole buffet of food you wanna eat, how much you wanna eat and all for free.


I admit the main reason I eat is to sample tastes. If I could do that in a dream, I would likely have a much easier time keeping my weight.

What would you know about my dream orgasms? Do I have a reason to get paranoid?


@friday has discovered a way to travel into other people’s dreams, including yours @darkphilosopher.



Well if I can steal from the astral buffet, maybe I can also steal your orgasms :wink:


Inception :wink: