Main Discussion Thread - Godlike Masculinity


Preliminary Review:

I left Godlike Masculinity playing all night.

When I woke up in the morning, for some reason, I was put in a situation where I had a confrontation with someone else. Just someone else trying to assert their will on me. Normally, I would handle it defensively and feel annoyed inside.

However, today I felt that I was in control. Deeply calm inside. Similar to what I got with Primal but even calmer and more balanced if that makes sense. I liked how I moved, I was walking in straight lines, moving my hands purposefully like a General giving commands, and my voice was totally commanding.

The other person “gave in” easily, but it didn’t feel like giving it. It felt like they met someone who they trusted can handle things, that I “knew what I was doing” and let me have the frame and make the decision.

I really liked this. Again, the many many hours of Primal might have something to do with it too. But even compared to yesterday, I did not feel this “solid” and “purposeful” and “decisive” with my behaviors and words.

Btw @SaintSovereign and @Fire, I can see how this Masculinity can be absolutely attractive to women. Does the scripting have any seduction / sex / attraction elements, or is that for your other MP/SM?

Also, is there a Rebirth module in Godlike Masculinity? I said this because:


Godlike Masculinity is a stacking module, not a major subliminal.

The only thing it works on is your masculinity - so no, it doesn’t have any other modules in it.


@SaintSovereign Why did you guys choose Poseidon (Neptune), God of the Sea to represent this module?
Ares (Mars) would have been more appropriate :slight_smile:


Don’t overthink it, lol. We just liked the picture :wink:


I am figuring this is not a whole lot shorter in duration than Ascension or Primal, so my question would be if one wanted to develop greater masculinity what advantage would running GLM have over running Ascenscion or Primal?


Because Wonder Woman already whupped Ares’ butt in her movie and Aquaman was just released. :grin:


I am stacking Godlike Masculinity with limitless. Last night I had a dream I was hanging out with Robert Down Junior from iron man.

In the dream I was alittle nervous hanging out with him but he was cool and we hung out for drinks. :slight_smile:


Great, man :smile:


As with all the stacking modules, it’s up to you to determine which ones you need and get that extra boost. Godlike Masculinity was made for those who feel like they’re lacking in masculine energy – which is a bit hard to define, but you know it when you see it. Think Clint Eastwood, for example. Not that you HAVE to be a quiet, loner type to be “masculine,” but there’s an energy that flows off him (at least his characters) that screams masculinity to me. If Clint Eastwood isn’t your ideal, think of any person you know that embodies what you believe masculinity is. That’s what Godlike Masculinity nurtures and grows to incredible levels.

If you feel you’re getting enough from Ascension or another sub, skip Godlike Masculinity. We’ve got like 4 more stacking modules already complete anyway – I’m just a bit behind due to office upgrades. :wink:


Post all 4 for sale on the same day as a New Year gift? :wink:


Are these stacking modules ‘stacked’ together with the other affirmtions in the tracks? As in, is a Major Programme executed serially, or parallel with other modules and affirmations.

I.e You get the Rebirth Module affirmations at the same time as GodLike Masculinity or other modules. If so are the stack modules slightly expanded regarding scripting. Or is for example the Rebirth 30 minutes already interwoven in the Major Programme (seeing Godlike Masculinity is 40 minutes and it’s in Ascension etc).

Or are the stack modules ‘extra’ boosted?


How long is Godlike Masculinity?


1 year comment so you may already know by now but 30 mins. Even the Q version is 30 mins. The ultima will probably be an hour.


If they release it same with Aura ultima i think both of those are still up in the air. Plus i think they will be more like limit destroyer and rebirth with more permanent long term results as opposed to libertine and sanguine


The ultima version i believe will be one hour.


A little weird to think that this thread had exactly one post in 2019 and that was at the beginning of that year…


if only lol, but who knows if this will become an actual ultima title. This would be a cool ultima title if they mixed it with something like the commander


For all we know, SubClub is already working on something else and forgot about Ultima :joy:


Well saint did say something about new tech and that the libertine upgrade would be experimental so it wouldn’t really be a huge surprise. He also mentioned about making the subs hold crazy amounts of info compared to what they hold now.


I am pretty curious as to what kind of tech this could possibly be. It’s getting hard to even fathom what’s next.

Also here’s hoping the other highly-awaited social ultima, True Social Ultima, benefits from the learnings :smiley: