Main Discussion Thread - Inner Circle


@SaintSovereign, if one is stacking Power-Can-Corrupt, would he get all/most of the benefits of Inner-Circle as well?

Just wondering if they share a similar relationship as:
Spartan and Centurion, or
Daredevil and Social-King.


Seems like this will help anyone from business to fitness ro seduction. I am already expirement with many subs but definitely interested in this


Yes. Power Can Corrupt has this scripting, though the codebase originated in Khan.


This sounds exciting, I could really use this. I wonder how it would stack up with true social…


Hi Sovereign are you looking for testers for this new subliminal ? I am happy to give it thorough acid test and right a review.


Power Can Corrupt + Inner Circle = Inner Circle of Power :sunglasses:


Cool name. If there was a sub or stack combining the two, my name suggestion would be The Mastermind Principle.

Since AMASH was kind enough to bump, allow me to ask so Avengers doesn’t have to waste pixels:
Saint, we know the tentative release date, any indication as to the definitive release date?


Technically, today — but @Fire may push it to Sunday.


Sunday’s here, I hope to see inner circle in a few hours, or should I?


We got a release time per chance?


…4 days later…


It was released to the inner circle. If you don’t have it, you’re not the inner circle and you need this program. Chicken, egg. :wink:

Since Fire was pitching in for Saint, he’s probably running somewhat behind. Give 'm some more time.


It probably will be released in the next week or 2. Be a little patient when considering the release date of the products. Releasing a few products around the same time is probably very time consuming and things can get held up. So just be patient with them


This product is exactly what I was looking for right now, looks like producers here can read minds.
Anyways, you can understand my excitement, can’t you?


You seem excited @Warson!

There could be many reasons, so: How do you see your life better when you start using Inner Circle? Anything specific on your mind getting you excited and wanting it ASAP?


Will I get free admission to the Illuminati (if they exist), Freemasons and the Bilderberg conferences with this subliminal? Can Inner Circle turn me into a trusted friend of the Rothschild and Rockefeller families?


I think you just triggered every spy system across the world in two sentences. :slight_smile:

Inner Circle is about drawing the people into your life that can help you become who you want to be. If your goal is to rule the world and have more money than you can fit in a small country, you may get your wish. If you have more modest goals, you’ll meet a different kind of people.


Seems it will stack nicely with all major programs.
Is it expected anytime soon ?


Gotta ask; is there an estimated release date for this per chance?


Or a reason why it is delayed? :slight_smile:

I hope @Fire had an unexpected creative breakthrough or is working hard to fulfil King’s dream