Main Discussion Thread - Inner Circle


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Will Inner Circle let me be the dominant one in the group? Or do I still have to keep grovelling towards my more superior Inner Circle members who can kick me out of the club anytime they like?


Interesting to think if that product alone will make you dominant over presently more dominant people. I would imagine that this product will help you find the inner circle that will challenge you to grow, which sounds like the inner circle that you’re now in.

Think of how to add value to the group so they won’t toss you out. When you become the most valuable member, it’s time to find another inner circle so you can continue to grow.


You may or may not join someone else’s inner circle.
You will create one of your own. :+1:


First, we actually need to become part of the inner circle, it would seem.


First, we actually need to get our hands on this sub. :wink:

@DarkPhilosopher do you know anything new when it will be released, or why it is delayed?


Is that Social King?


There isnt anything why it is delayed. I searched the this morning but some people asked without getting a response


That’s what I meant as well. I’ve thrown some hints around in hopes of hearing when Circle will arrive, but it seems the SubClub inner circle has layers, and I’m about halfway through. Which means that unfortunately I know little more than you do at this time.

So until Saint figures out how to fit 36 hours of work in 24 or Fire pulls himself away from scripting long enough to break his silence, let’s all enjoy the subs we have so far. If nothing else, they’ll help Inner Circle work better, right?


It’s coming soon.


Can’t wait for all the new releases. Anything being released in the next few weeks?


You did see the topic title, right? :wink:


Inner Circle will be out late tomorrow, EST. :wink:


Is it possible to share descriptions for IC and QL?


How they will share descriptions if the stages arent finished yet? I assume the process is finishing the product then writing the descriptions. I might be wrong


They already know what’s in their product so it maybe ready even before the product is built. Anyway, it’s fun to read the product descriptions.


The description of Inner Circle was posted already in September.
Just scroll up to the first post in this thread.


@Simon my mind also wants this now… Aaaaa reconciliation!!


now ,I am using Primal Seduction…if I add inner circle to my playlist…will I manifest fuckbuddies or just manifest some one who could help me have tons of fuckbuddies ?


My first instinct was to say you would manifest people that would help you get them. But upon thinking, you may also manifest people that love having sex in order to teach you how to be better at it… by having lots of practice.