Main Discussion Thread - Inner Circle


So let me guess if we stack Inner Circle with the other major subs

  • Spartan -manifest lots of gym buddies , maybe a top-class trainer (but expensive)
  • Ultimate Artists - You become a member of a hippie bohemian commune…
  • Mogul - You get lots of people around you for some reason want to help you get rich
  • Alchemist - Lots of spiritual helpers, guardian angels, guardian devils?
  • Limitless- You become friends with the smartest guys in your class (maybe a bit nerdy but they’re the smartest guys)
  • Rebirth - Don’t know what the effect will be - you will get free admission to a 6 month group therapy program?


It’s more subtle than that. Research the concept of the Mastermind Group, a term coined in a book that I’d love to see turned into a sub similar to Power Can Corrupt. In the book it tells you to find these people and befriend them. Inner Circle aims to lessen that effort by drawing them towards you, thus doing the finding part.


Can you inform us on why Inner Circle did get delayed? Like is there something new and exciting Fire did… :wink:

  • Khan - manifest the life of Tony Montana… or the sex life of Tiger Woods :smile:
  • Ecstasy of Gold - manifest membership the Millionaire’s Club
  • Emperor - human malfunction. person.exe has failed, would you like to reboot?


LOL — I can use a reboot.


Alchemist - The Ancient One will meet you in the Astral plane and hand over the mantle of scorerer supreme to you


The voice actress left again ? :slight_smile:


I didnt understand this (facepalm) can you explain the joke?


Guys, can we get back to Inner Circle, please?

Which through the miracle of time dilation has yet to be released.

@Avengers68 You’re thinking of Mind’s Eye. Inner Circle doesn’t need vocals.


Inner circle is purely subliminal ?


It is a stacking module, so I expect it is, yes.


I second rising :see_no_evil:


Inner Circle is here, and has been promoted to a full subliminal. You can still use it as a stacking module, but we’ve added more to it to make it a standalone.


love it…adding to my playlist


I really wonder what happens if you stack Inner Circle with Alchemist.


Ancient One will visit you in the astral plane and make you Socerer Supreme.


Loops recommended? I think you said before 4 will be fine but i am not sure i remeber correctly @SaintSovereign


It is nice to see inner circle reduced to 30 minutes


Anyone have any experience to share about Inner Circle Q?


I haven’t used Inner Circle however I’ve used StarkQ which I believe has Inner Circle included, not sure whether the whole thing or not but still. Anyway, from StarkQ I’ve definitely found mentors to help me and push me towards my goals and I’ve definitely found a group of people, I now call friends, to get me where I want to be. I truly believe without IC included in StarkQ I wouldn’t be where I am in improvement right now.