Main Discussion Thread - Inner Circle


Very awesome. Well done!


I am curious if running IC at a higher power has made a difference for any custom subliminal users!


Wondering if IC has this capability, and also whether it changes the user’s personality.


IC doesn’t really change your personality, it manifests people who will jive with you just the way you are.


@SaintSovereign Does Inner Circle manifest Clients for your Business? Or mostly Friends, Business Partners, Teachers & Mentors, or other people that contribute to our lives?

Does this mean that Power Can Corrupt has Inner Circle included within it?


@Hermit Yes although my guess is

it’s a version of it that will essentially help you cultivate that inner circle aligned with goals of PCC or Khan, and not as general as Inner circle itself perhaps. But should be good enough.


@SaintSovereign, could you please verify whether Power Can Corrupt includes the entire Inner Circle script?


My guess is going to be no, as both are amongst the lightest scripts of major titles.


All of the above.


This doesn’t matter as much as ya’ll think – we’ve said this before. If you want the results of a particular sub, run that sub. The scripting inside of a title supports the results of that title. Inner Circle inside of PCC will bleed over into your life a little bit, but if you want Inner Circle, you’ll have to run Inner Circle.


I’ve seen variations of this concern more than … I think I lost track. Can this be pinned on the home page of the Q store or in an article?:sunglasses:


Tbh, there’s a limit to how much we can run stuff (at least based on my experience and current guidelines). I like the idea of PCC, Mind’s Eye, and a few other titles (primal eg). But I can’t run all of these together. With what I’m currently running it gets quite dense. So that’s where the topic of does X already contain Y becomes important, so you can prioritise to some extend.


Yes, and I can understand why people want to streamline their subliminals.

My current philosophy is “If I want that result, I put it into a sub” I almost have enough self-discipline to refuse to concern myself if I’m putting in redundant modules.


There’s always more modules I want than I can have according to the limits. So it becomes very useful to know ok XYZ is in this module already (eg in this core program), so ok although I want it, it shifts a bit lower on the list compared to a module that isnt there because I want to have that too (might be slower but worth it). So it’s useful for me to know this. I think that’s the reasoning behind many people asking such questions including myself.


Why not go for two customs instead of filling everything in one?


I did. There are still times where I have to decide what I gotta let go of because I can’t fit it all in there and to do that I decided eg trailblazer is cool, but since I have stark and QL lets go for something else instead of this module even though I really wanted it. Etcetera.

Some may have less info on that. And there are boundaries. If you can go for two customs, obviously do that. But I’m clarifying why this info can be of use under certain circumstances.

Anyways, at the end of the day we make the best use of what’s available to us.


About IC, Since it is a subset of PCC as noted above, and PCC has a low page count, IC could be one of the simplest and strongest manifesting subs, on the same ease of Ultima. From my experience I find this to be true (IC).

As for comments about modules already within and optimizing things, imo too many Nth variables since Solo IC inside of another sub is going to mimic a denser sub + archetypes of sub bleeding into IC + Customs with cores not equal to standard Q subs (icQ =/ icQ custom core).


I wonder how strong IC is at Terminus or any of the other power levels. Or even just a name-embedded IC.


Including the hypothesized Q+


I’m curious, has there been any advancements in manifestation scripting since IC came out? This would be notable since IC is one of the pure social manifestation subs and could benefit from said advancements.


Yes, of course, but we probably won’t update until Q+ is out. The Q version is still extremely powerful, though.