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Primal Seduction: Iron Throne was a pre-order bonus for Primal Seduction. It was ultrasonic only. If there’s enough demand, we may re-release it for a limited time at a slight discount, given that it’ll still be ultrasonic only.


Lol, you guys have eyes like a hawk. Yes, True Social is back. We’re reviving the supercharger line, and they’ll be better than ever. :wink:


Yes, @AMASH is right. Iron Throne had little to no “healing,” and was focused on pushing you into action.


@SaintSovereign I just read through the Khan description. Although I’m well aware that it is not needed for seduction, am I correct in concluding that Khan has no scripting towards getting the body of a Greek statue?

I noticed the products that are geared towards fitness are mostly standalone. Which makes me wonder how many people are stacking Spartan on top of other major programs.

Would it be an idea to have a stacking module that just adds a drive to get fit (or just to get moving), to be used on top of programs like Khan and Emperor? Maybe even an Iron Throne style module?

After all, increased fitness and health will make the mind sharper and life expectancy longer. So it is reasonably aligned with the goals of those programs.


I have a drive to eat healthier since starting Khan. And I do run after girls for a couple of hours about 3 times a week, so that does really help my cardio. It’s HIIT :wink:

Btw, I think all Status and Romance related Subliminal Club subs have a core script related to improved health, fitness, and working out. It’s not as intense as Spartan, but I am pretty sure it is there.


Question: Are you running after them, or are they running away from you? Is there any kind of screaming involved? :wink:

I asked because I although I have a decent physique, I’ve been losing some muscle lately while trying to get my eight-pack back. There are ways to avoid muscle loss on a caloric deficiency (special training techniques, nutrient timing etc) but I don’t want to spend half the day focusing on that. So I opt to lose a little now and train the muscle back in the future.

Since it is likely I’ll be listening to EoG soon (with or without Khan, I do love the idea of running them together, at least the breakdown stages), I would like some added reinforcement to get me to work out again. But I’d rather not stack the entirety of Spartan on top of whatever stage I’d be running. No idea how much that hurts effectiveness.


That is really a limiting belief I detect in your words :slight_smile:

Girls thank me every time I approach them. Only 1 girl ran away in the last 30 days. And about 500 this year told me “Thank you, more men should do this” or went out on a date with me. So those stats are great.

But yeah, guys who are scared of approaching girls do use such excuses. So I understand your parapraxis / Freudian slip.

It’s Sunday, I have approached 5 girls today. How many did you approach my dear friend @DarkPhilosopher?


Hey, no biting! I have zero beliefs about you whatsoever. :slight_smile:

You do not shy away from the taking action part, my friend. Although I’m not scared of approaching, I still won’t get out of my way enough to reach that number. I’m more of a flirt-whenever-the-opportunity-presents-itself type. Respect. :clap:

EDIT: Hey, you took the bite out of that third paragraph! Cheater! :slight_smile:


Gentlemen, be cordial. Let’s be careful not to demonize those who take massive action and gets results – this is an issue I see prevalent on many other forums (and not just those related to subliminals). When a person puts a lot of effort into pursuing their goals and they get good results, other people begin to subtly claim that they’re lying, or there’s something “wrong with the way they think / act” (both have happened to me), etc.

Not saying that’s what you’re doing @DarkPhilosopher, as I’ve come to understand that you have elements of the trickster / jokester archetype in your personality and I don’t think you mean any harm, but be careful not to inspire a trend of people doing that stuff.


You are absolutely correct (nice comparison, I’ll take it as a compliment), I trust @AMASH realized I was merely fooling around. It’s that whole playful attitude that was trained into us by David D at the early days of the seduction community. I have, in fact, great respect for his hard work and a desire to follow that example.

I tend to use emoticons whenever I’m jesting. If you’d rather I filter myself, please do say so. This is your kingdom after all.

This expressing thing is so much easier when you can use facial expressions and body language in addition to words.


It’s all good @DarkPhilosopher . I’m not bothered.

Just that in the era of #metoo, that’s not a funny joke. I was thinking of guys who are hesitant to start approaching, because they will see your comment and imagine I am some weird fool scaring women and therefore will not benefit from my journal at all.

As you know, the brain is twice as focused on possible negative consequences than it is on potential gain.

Again, to all those kind souls who want to connect with women, women want you to approach them, to connect with them, and to talk to them. No girl will run away screaming if you come around with a beaming smile, a positive attitude, and have a good flirty conversation with her.


Crap! I did not even think about that! I blame it on my Aspergers, it does funny things to my EQ. I am, in fact, a lover of the feminine, an Amorati, and I cannot even imagine doing anything but positive things for women.

You are of course correct as well, maestro. So many women I see lost in their thoughts, waiting for someone to put a smile on their face and brighten their day. It’s that realization that makes it easier for me to approach.

To answer your question, 2 today. What can I say, I needed groceries. :slight_smile:

I would like to believe this has now been adequately settled, and will repeat my questions to @SaintSovereign. Is there any kind of fitness scripting in Khan? Would you consider it an idea for a stacking module?


Yes. All is fine. Just remember that when you write in public, it is read by tens of other guys. And we want to be a positive influence on their lives.

I feel bad for you, that you has Aspergers. It really makes social interactions very challenging.


I actually bought my first gym membership after listening to Khan for 2 weeks. I feel like it indirectly gives you the drive to take care of your body. I have to say though that I wanted to have a mebership even before listening to Khan. Khan however did push me to do it.


@afc22, I’ve been thinking on that too. I’m unsure which is my major focus, either beautiful women and/or feeling good from putting my all into cardio exercises. My impetus on this is that I used to do part of my job running from area to area within a condo association. I felt really good, and really sexy. I even remember one college girl who came out in her running gear–which is unusual in a semi-retirement community. I didn’t say much (I was quite wowwed), but it stuck with me. I’ve even had older women coming out just so we’d get eye contact while I was running by.

Kahn is waking up my sexuality, and answering about the gym idea, I have both motivations to join actually.


I just got some joyous news, so I just had to share a smile or two with you.

DISCLAIMER: Know that to the best of my knowledge, the lines below are not actually a part of Khan (yet would make for a great mantra to tell yourself in the mirror every morning).

Have you ever wondered why Khan makes you so amazing? What statements could possibly in the script? How about these?

  • Your charm is so contagious, vaccines have been created for it.
  • Every time you go for a swim, dolphins appear.
  • When you give someone directions, they will never get lost and they shall arrive at least 5 minutes early.
  • Your legend precedes you the way lightning precedes thunder.
  • If you mail a letter without postage, it will still get there.
  • When it is raining, it is because you are thinking about something sad.
  • The pheromones you secrete have been known to affect people miles away.
  • Your blood smells like cologne.
  • Your hands feel like rich brown suede.
  • You taught your horse to read your email for you.
  • The police often question you, just because they find you interesting.
  • Your personality is so magnetic, you are unable to carry credit cards.
  • Even your enemies list you as their emergency contact.
  • You never say something tastes like chicken, not even chicken.
  • You have been known to cure narcolepsy just by walking into the room.
  • People hang on your every word, even the prepositions.
  • You can disarm people with your looks.
  • You can speak French… in Russian.
  • Your reputation is expanding faster than the universe.
  • You once had an awkward moment, just to see how it feels.
  • You live vicariously through yourself.

You are… the most interesting man in the world.

PS If you know where I got them from, you’re showing your age. And no, it’s not Chuck Norris. :wink:


I really love these Dos Equis commercials.


OMG, YES! 30 more lines to add to my morning mantra! Thank you!
I won’t repeat them here, seems redundant now you’ve posted the video.

I’m actually seriously considering making a short recording out of some of these. Some of them are really powerful. Maybe even a subliminal. Or one of those dual tracks, where left and right overlap one another so you can’t really follow them. If only I could do the voice. Or Sean Connery’s voice.

I’d have to really look at which ones will be accepted correctly by the subconscious though.

At very least, they make an excellent confidence supercharger before going out. Put 'm on repeat with earbuds while going to town and everybody will notice the swagger and that half-smile that says: “I know something you don’t.”

P.S. The revolving door actually did come from Chuck Norris. What did you expect from the man that could kill two stones with one bird?


@DarkPhilosopher reading your post cracked me up :slight_smile:


@Fire and @SaintSovereign
If remember well, there should be a special manual or guidelines of how Khan should be use?
I believe the same was said about Ultimate Artist…
What about EoG?
Thanks for answering.