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All the subliminals come with a PDF guide


They are generic.


I think it’s partially intentional, just like the product descriptions leave many things open to interpretation. The SubClub subs are meant to be directed by the listener. And depending on the listener, they will work in different ways towards different goals.

Take Khan for example. It’s not specifically geared towards physical fitness like Spartan is. And yet since I started listening to it, I’ve felt a great need to eat better and healthier, start and keep up with an exercise program that wipes me out and even drink my post-workout recovery drinks (that I’ve never done). I believe that’s not because Khan has fitness programming in it specifically, but because I personally believe every Khan should have the body of a Greek statue and Khan is just helping me overcome the obstacles that were holding me back.

Someone else may be perfectly happy just being healthy instead of olympics-healthy. So should the Khan description state it will make you a fitness god? Probably not. Should it tell you that the recommended action to make it work better is to start a fitness program? Probably not.

Same thing for how long to use each stage. @AMASH starts listening to a stage and he will feel very distinctly when it is time to move to the next stage. Most people (myself included) don’t get that clear feeling, so they just run a stage for one month. Other people feel that they don’t need the first stage and move on directly to the next one. It may work for them, it may not. They will feel insulted if we force them to listen to the first stage.

So what to put in the manual? Run every stage for one month? Run it until you’re ready to move on? Something else? Should there be a specific instruction to run the stages sequentially?

It is hard to write a manual that works for everybody. Some people may read it and feel that it’s perfect for them. Others may read it and ask their money back because it’s not what they thought it would be (even though it may have helped them greatly).

My personal recommendation is to run through the stages sequentially, taking your time on each stage. If you’re sensitive to the subs (they feel heavy or have a lot of impact on you), play a stage until they become easier, lighter. If you don’t get such feelings, aim for at least one month with lots of exposure per stage.

You probably should start by running them individually without stacking anything onto it, but you can stack compatible things (or even previous stages) to them after a couple of weeks of getting used to the stage. This likely works better with Stacking Modules as compared to other major programs. Re-evaluate the stack when entering the next stage.

As annoying as it may be to the rational engineer-minds among us, the subs work better if you use them intuitively instead of blindly following instructions.

If you made it this far, thanks! If there are specific questions and/or doubts, just ask. I will give the best answer I know how to, and Saint will correct me if I get it dramatically wrong.

And if after all your questions, you have ideas on what the manual should be like while still applying to everybody, please share them. SubClub always asks for ideas on creating subs, why would they object to advice that makes better manuals?


Is anyone using The Legacy to supercharge Khan/Emperor?

I have just purchased it and want to run it before my workouts.

It should also work greatly on mental toughness, so I think running The Legacy with Khan and other subs could be a great combination.


Legacy i believe should be ideal to compliment Emperor.


I really hear a lot about the power of Legacy lately. I’ll have to look it up. Khan + Legacy and Libertine.


Sovereign did talk talk about the release of a new charger called Commando which will amplify Emperor to a whole new level. This will be welcomed


where is this mention of commando?


I cant remember exactly however Sovereign mentioned Commando in passing. I believe its in development.


I mentioned in another thread that I was considering creating a supercharger called “Commandant,” but I need to determine if there’s an actual demand for it.


What would the Supercharger be for in emperor?


Status, it is.

And here I was having fun imagining everybody gong commando. Or turning into a grizzled war vet called Rambo. Must be the local temperature. It’s murder. My Khanate for a breeze.

See how bad it is? I even lack the energy to use emojis.

An Emperor supercharger has been mentioned a couple of times the past weeks, maybe you should do a poll? One or two new superchargers by topic (like status or stoicism) and one or more remasters (although Libertine was the oldest one).


I suspect that Sovereign when he was a child, after watching a movie called Commando was moved and inspired by how one man took on an entier army. This movie stuck with him for a long time. Then one day he thought why not make a super charger that allows a man to take command !. Fire pushed him tonbring his idea to fruition.


Don’t forget elixir and beyond limitless


What would be a good supercharger to use with Khan or EoG?


Depends on your goals and what you want to focus on.

If you listening to Khan and want to amplify the seduction part of the script use Libertine. If you want to focus on becoming a strong man like a warrior use Legacy. If you want to nourish your social side go for True Social

Side note to myself: Buy True Social after my exam

Same with EoG but I would not use Libertine there xD


True social is a good one it appears to have some new technology which creates an aura around you that draws people to you. I had women gravitate around me in bars.


@SaintSovereign Commando is a more appropriate name i think for.this new sub.


As the Highlander said, “There can be only one.”
To the best of my knowledge. with a release of December 23, 2018, Libertine was indeed the oldest one (or is it eldest?)

When I suggested one or more remasters, I meant to imply Beyond Limitless and Elixir to be among those. If that wasn’t entirely clear, thank you for pointing it out.

Unless you want to pimp yo bizniz or yo bizniz is pimpin’! :slight_smile:

Why do you think that? What makes it any better than Commandant or Commander? I’m genuinely curious.

I personally like Commandant, like the leader of a military base. Plus, that last syllable makes it sound more powerful when I imagine it spoken in a British accent. Commander, on the other hand, brings back C&C memories. Welcome back, Commander.


It DEFINITELY won’t be Commando. That sounds too much like a soldier rather than an Emperor.